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After SRK’s Ra. One, Director Brijesh Tripathi Plans To Shoot His Next Film In The USA


Jyothi Venkatesh

Bollywood has rolled out several films that talk about discrimination on the basis of religion, caste & color, and has a patriotic shade to them. Adding to the list is The Immigrant by Brijesh BatukNath Tripathi which revolves around the issues immigrants face all over the world. He has tried to portray how they are not allowed in another country and how they are tortured in their own country in the name of religion, language, and color.

The story tracks the convocation of four people at an international airport (in America) a British Sikh, a Mexican thief, a Muslim girl from Afghanistan and a badly wounded Indian – who come to forge an unlikely family, and together discover the secrets of their respective pasts, and the emotional wounds they share.

The Immigrant shall be shot somewhere in America with a team of talented artists comprising of DOP Soni Singh, Story Screenplay by Brijesh BatukNath Tripathi and Dialogues by Bunty Rathod. The fil will be casting international as well as Indian artists. The film is budgeted around 20 Cr. It is planned to be released in three languages Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

The Immigrant which talks about how migrants have to suffer all around the world can be seen on the big screens in 2020. It is directed by Brijesh BatukNath Tripathi and produced by Akshay Kumar Patel under the Clapgram Entertainments Pvt Ltd.

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