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After Thinkistan, Jigsaw Pictures Plans To Launch Two More Ott Shows


Jyothi Venkatesh

After launching its maiden web series ‘Thinkistan’ on MX player, production house Jigsaw Pictures has two more web shows in the pipeline. According to Television Post, one show focuses on urban lifestyle and another is an India- centric show with a series of short stories interconnected with each other. The production house entered the OTT space with ‘Thinkistan’ and has an aggressive plan for the segment.

Jigsaw Pictures Founder and Creative Producer Rajnish Lall said, “Apart from going on with the commercials which is a different vertical, we will be aggressive on the OTT space. We are planning for two more web series, one is on based on urban set-up, largely urban demographic because it’s set in a bustling metro but it’s about friendship so it will appeal to all who’ve had very close friends in their lives. The other show will have a series of short stories which will be interconnected with each other. Both shows have been shared with OTT platforms. We will also have a feature film which is an advanced stage of pre-production.”

Speaking about ‘Thinkistan’, Lall said, “We have started with a show which has never been done, it’s a corporate drama in the world of advertising. Also the show focus on the era of late 90’s that was the time when advertising was the most glamorous world and most aspirational jobs. The show has been shot almost like cinema.

The show has 22 episodes divided into two seasons. The first eleven episodes are slotted in season 1. After that in couple of months there will be season 2 with the next 11 episodes”.

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