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Ajay Devgn’s last release Raid has been a success on box office. Ajay has been appreciated for the role of Income Tax officer, both by critics and viewers.

Ajay Devgn has proved his versatility by trying his hands on varied genres. while interacting with a leading daily, he said, ”I have always done niche films, which people have started doing only now. In the ’90s, when I started my career, I was the only one who was doing niche films. I did Takshak (1999), Raincoat (2004) and Zakhm (1998), and so many others. I have learnt a lot out of it and now, good people are doing it.”

When Ajay was asked if his daughter Nysa is interested in acting, he said; ‘No. She doesn’t talk about films at all. She is studying in Singapore and she is very happy. Though she keeps talking about what she wants to do in life, right now films do not interest her. It’s honestly, her choice. And I respect that. But she is a harsh critic. I don’t remember her praising me in anything (laughs).”

He also talked about how social media affects his personal life and said; ”Social media has it’s own plus and minus points but it is a public platform and you can’t do anything about it. Though you may not agree with all that happens, you have to accept it because there is no choice. The world also operates on the mindset that we want to really get into other people’s lives to see what’s dirty. And that’s how a conversation starts too. And this is a human tendency. Which is why a show like Bigg Boss works.”

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