Ajay Devgn’s Ny Cinemas Launches India’s First Thematic Multiplex In Ratlam

NY Cinemas, a venture by Ajay Devgn, launched its first thematic multiplex in one of the rising cities in the Indian heartland, Ratlam. The brand new

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NY Cinemas, a venture by Ajay Devgn, launched its first thematic multiplex in one of the rising cities in the Indian heartland, Ratlam. The brand new 2-screen multiplex hosts Ratlam’s biggest screen with a capacity of 460 seats, 3D-equipped 2K projection and 7.1 surround sound, bringing the latest in multiplex technology to the city. Its biggest attraction is the railways-inspired interior which transports you through the different ages of the train and how it has evolved in both India and cinema.NY Cinemas is also introducing the concept of Photo Time Machine in its cinemas where movie-goers can teleport themselves to different eras, even dimensions, and take back memories with them that will last forever. Apart from the Photo Time Machine, NY Cinemas Ratlam will also house the NY Store, where you can purchase exclusive memorabilia and merchandise autographed by Ajay Devgn himself. The NY Cafe, on the other hand, will provide cine-lovers with a plethora of food and beverage options, combining perennial cinema favourites with local cuisine.

Rajeev Sharma CEO Rajeev Sharma CEO

NY Cinemas is a multiplex chain launched by Ajay Devgn, with a brand philosophy of “For the Love of Cinema”, aimed at providing an international cinema experience across India with an ethos that pays homage to Indian cinema.Speaking on the same, Ajay Devgn said, “We are dedicating this Ratlam multiplex as an ode to the iconic railway network of the country through the years of Indian cinema. We are glad to introduce this thematic movie watching experience with an exclusive concept powered by advanced technological solutions to our audience.”

NY Cinemas Ratlam Express NY Cinemas Ratlam Express

NY Cinemas CEO, Rajeev Sharma further commented, “Indian movies are all about their varied themes and taking this further we are introducing cinemas which provide an overall experience. We are proud to present this thematic multiplex catering to all the needs of the audience. With our constant endeavor for innovation, we look forward to welcome movie lovers in Ratlam and are confident that our audience will love the complete experience.”The idea behind NY Cinemas is to create a unique, concept-driven multiplex theatre design that will be unlike any other cinema experience in India. NY Cinemas currently has screens operational in Bhuj, Hapur, Ghazipur, Raebareli and Surendranagar.

NY Cinemas Ratlam entrance NY Cinemas Ratlam entrance

NY Cinemas Rstlam Audi NY Cinemas Rstlam Audi

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