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Ajay Singh Chaudhary says he is not chasing success or fame


Name, fame and recognition has never really meant much to actor Ajay Singh Chaudhary and neither has failure – Jyothi Venkatesh

The actor, who is currently seen in the web series Crackdown, says that he has always remained indifferent to both.

“Success is an illusion which people run after and they feel we should get it. I have learnt a lot from my journey.

Success and fame are temporary. And that is what I have understood. I have been working on myself and on my craft.

I mean there is nothing I can do more than this. That is the best that I can do for myself. I don’t think about all that.

If success and fame have to come, they will. I am working on achieving something different for years.

That is the way to be neutral to success and failure. The day you learn to be neutral in success and failure, they stop affecting you so much.

So, I am not chasing success or fame. Success and fame are results of what you do. If the audience loves you, you get success.

Tomorrow, if they don’t like something, you will not get success. That is all very temporary and I am not into it at all,” he says.

He says that your career is built over a few years and you cannot expect things overnight.

“I believe changes come in our life and career over some time, it is not a one-day process.

I have been working on something internally as well as my physical appearance. The work that I have been doing for years on my graph, I hope and feel that the effect should impact my performances and personality.

It’s not regarding something specific, it’s my general and overall personality and maturity in my craft. I want to see those changes in myself and in my career this year,” he says.

Ajay has a bucket list of roles that he wants to take up. “There is a wish list. I want to do good roles, different kind of roles.

I always want to do roles in which my physical appearance is unique and people see a different person in the character.

The good thing is that right now, I am getting these kinds of roles where I can look different and the character is different.

So, I am quite kicked about it. I am excited about it and waiting for the audience to see me,” he says.

Ask him the secret to doing well in the industry, and he says, “I have learnt one thing in so many years that consistency works effectively.

Since a lot of years, I have been internally working on this, on my craft. I want that every character should be different.

But it is not that every time what you try works, but you need to continue trying and be consistent.

I think consistently trying to improve your craft is good. Our work is only to act. Every day our life will go in trying to entertain others, picking up good roles which people remember or at least we are able to live the character.

In the future also, I want to take up good roles and I should be able to give my audience what they expect and want out of me.

The next thing is that you have to be in the process. You need to become part of that. You cannot think of success and the result of the project.”

There is so much to do work-wise, however, this has never really bothered Ajay. “The fact is that I can’t do everything but whatever has been written in my destiny, that I will only do.

I believe in this fact that whatever is there for me in the future, I will do it. I don’t think much about it.

I don’t think I should do this and that, I just think that whatever work I get, I am able to do that with full honesty,” he says, adding, “It happens sometimes that due to time management, you have to drop out of some projects.

You get work on different projects at the same time but you can’t do anything about it. You need to just let it go and do what is the best you can do at that point of time.”