Akashdeep Sabir: My weight doesn’t really dent my confidence

By Team Bollyy
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Actor-producer Akashdeep Sabir says that while body building might be a priority for younger actors, he believes that staying fit works for him. The actor says that it all depends on the kind of roles you are being offered.

“Depends on your age group. If you are saying this about me, then it doesn’t matter because after you are 50, it’s a rare chance that we will be offered hero roles. For the characters we play, a belly is not all that bad. Health wise, one can always stay fit so I would not propagate a belly, but it certainly doesn’t dent my confidence,” he says.

Akashdeep Sabir

With so many shows and movies on body shaming, it has reduced. However, Akashdeep says that people must concentrate on their health as well. “See it’s easy to comment, but we don’t really know everyone’s reasons. Some have had to take steroids for health emergencies and weight gain is a side effect. Some have other medical reasons like thyroid etc. But putting in more than required weight has its health hazards. Body shaming is being highlighted in cinema and OTT today so it has helped. But a little bit of weight loss can also help,” he says.

He adds, “However, we must not decide about associating with people based on their appearance. And judging people on their appearance is on its way out. It will take time but it’s moving in the right direction.”

There is more pressure to look good on celebrities, as they are part of the glamour industry. However, Akashdeep dares to stand apart. “I prefer being natural and, yes, when I see stars all dressed up even while going to the gym or shopping, it does look odd and filmy. I’ve travelled a lot and have seen Hollywood stars arrive at studios self-driving, parking, pulling out their bag, carrying it inside with no assistants around. And I’m talking of huge stars. Here bodyguards are common for actors and politicians but yes, it’s an eyesore,” he says.

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