Akashdeep Sabir on overuse of filters on social media: Why should we avoid the ageing process?

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Akashdeep Sabir

Actor-director Akashdeep Sabir who was last seein the series The Night Manager, says that the use of filters on social media sets the wrong expectation. He says that he prefers seeing unfiltered images on social media.

“Why should we avoid the aging process? The entire situation of wanting to be known by how you look against what you are and what you stand for is unacceptable to me. When I see an unfiltered image of a friend or a celebrity, it gives me a nice feeling and immediately the emphasis shifts from how they are looking to what they are saying. And that’s the way it should be according to me,” he says.

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He adds, “Take for example, Rajnikant with a god-like following. Yet when he is not shooting in a certain look for a film, he is seen as himself, bald and a white beard whatever. No concealing of his real age and look. And that has not affected his following. That’s the larger point I am making.”

Ask him if he would use filters and he says,

“I would never use it. For what? When I have accepted my age and look, why shouldn’t those who follow us? I may want to accept or not, but my biological age will show to some extent. There are some who are blessed with young looks, good for them. But filters are a complete no-no for me. Filters in looks and filters in voicing what I feel, both are a NO for me. I want to live as myself, say what I want. You can’t lead a life full of filters, faking your looks and your mind all the time,” he says.

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