Akashdeep Sabir: TV is the hardest medium as actors have to complete the work in limited period and left with no time to work on their craft

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When artistes of AR Rahman or Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ stature talk about politics, bullying and pressure in Bollywood, it is reassuring for the newcomers that an open environment can be achieved to air one's feelings and frank opinions. Actor Akashdeep Sabir who would be seen in the upcoming film Fateh starring Sonu Sood and Jacqueline Fernandez feels such things do help newcomers, but one needs to know what exactly they went through for better understanding. He feels if both the celebs say more clearly what they went through it would be better.

“I really don’t know what kind of bullying Rahman and Priyanka face. They did not have a major struggle period and made it to the A-lister league rather soon. Of course it was their talent and hard work. But they are being bullied or politics etc I am not sure about that. I have always been a person who has spoken his mind without fear,” says the actor who has also been part of web shows such as Breathe, Broken, Main Monica and The Night Manager.

Getting a break in Bollywood is tough and sustaining a career is equally difficult. “Yes it is. And why should it be easy? It’s an industry where if you make it, you can become a billionaire in no time. So there are massive rewards for ur talent and hard work. So be equipped with talent and wait for the opportunity. When it comes, nail it, and continue to evolve. So, it’s easier said than done. Hence, it is tough, I agree,” he adds.

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Bollywood films take time to make and there is no guarantee that a film will work. Also, there is too much competition and everyone cannot afford to wait.

“You have to wait,” continues Akashdeep, “Patience is so important in this medium. And our insecurities don’t allow us to say ‘No’ to projects that we don’t get a good vibe from. That’s equally tough…learning to say ‘No’, I mean. Let it take time. That’s the nature of the beast????. And what that fateful Friday has in store for you, no one knows.”

OTT actors want to stay away from television and don't want to be called a TV actor. “Yes, I have noticed that and I tend to agree. Film actors have started doing OTT but TV is different. It needs time and is very hard on actors as it is time bound. You have to finish a certain amount of work as episodes have to be completed. There is no time for finesse. Hence, the word small screen makes sense,” he adds.

A lot of new actors have been turning to production, even while their acting careers are flourishing. Many feel this helps them to have a safe backup plan.

“In a way, yes. Once you make it to the A-lister category, your insecurity increases as you never want to slip down that ladder where you occupy a top slot. Hence, the feeling of wanting to be in control of everything— from script decision to director to co-actors to release strategy…They want to be sure everything is happening the way they want it to be. Hence if they are the producers or joint producers, their say and control increases. Also, A-lister actors’ prices are so high that most of the time, it’s better that they become part producers and have a major stake in the profits rather than slapping their price to the budget and making the film too heavy,” he explains.


On whether TV gives stability, as compared to films or OTT, Akashdeep replies in negative. “I don't agree at all. TV is the hardest in terms of mediums because the actors have to complete the work in a limited time period and that leaves you with no time to work on your performances to achieve high standards. In fact, anyone who can manage that on TV immediately gets a call for OTT or films as we have seen. Payments too are more on OTT and films in comparison to TV,” he ends.

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