Akashdeep Sabir will be watching all the IPL 2023 matches: As a major cricket fan, I watch every format… even the replays at night

By Bollyy
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Akashdeep Sabir is a cricket buff.  The popular actor and producer never misses any of the matches, rather makes sure to take out time for them from his busy schedule. Indian Premier League (IPL) has started, and he sounds excited talking about watching all the action live.

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“I am a major fan of the IPL. I don’t miss any matches, any ball or hit,” he says. In India, cricket is considered a religion. It is one of the most loved and watched sports on ground and on-screen in the country. Akashdeep is one among those millions who love the sport.
Any guesses about the team this true blue Mumbaikar supports? Well, he is quick to add, “Mumbai Indians, always. I want my team to take the trophy this season too.” After T20 came into existence, while many enjoyed it, there are others who feel the original cricket format means test matches and one-day innings (ODI). However, Akashdeep does not agree with the latter. “Everything evolves so does sport. T20 is today's way of playing the game where people’s attention span has reduced. Tests are the ultimate, but T20 is as exciting and here to stay.  I am a major cricket buff and watch every format. I also watch the replays at night,” he ends.
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