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Akshay Kharodia Says That He Has Got A Very Good Response For Kandy Twist


Jyothi Venkatesh

Akshay Kharodia is on cloud nine thanks to the reviews his film Kandy Twist has generated. The film released recently and has been getting a great response. “I am just getting a lot of calls and at the time of the premier also, I got a very good response. Johnny Lever and all other actors were present and they responded well. They all liked my overall performance and everyone congratulated me. Even now, I am getting back to back calls as the film as released now. I am getting a call from the director and he said that everyone was liking me in the film and that I was looking good,” he says. Talking about working with actor cum director Shiva Rindan, he says, “I enjoyed working with him a lot. I have seen him on screen since my childhood but as a director, this was the first time that I was working with him. It was a very good experience. He always kept me in a very comfortable zone as I am a new actor and as the lead actor, I was a little nervous. But I was confident in my acting. He used to guide me which was very helpful.”

Talking about his future plans, the actor says that he is on the lookout for some meaningful work. “As an actor, I want to do different kinds of films but my first priority is romance. I like romantic movies and I feel I fit in well as I have a chocolatey face. Besides this, my dream role is to play a superhero because since childhood, we have heard the stories of superheroes and we believe in them.”He adds, “I want to be versatile as an actor and I want to prove myself to the audience because even the audience. They get bored seeing you in one same role repeatedly.”

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