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Chyawanprash feeder Akshay Kumar infected with Corona!


How could Khiladi Akshay Kumar, the one who gave the world the advice to eat Chyawanprash, not save himself from infection? 

Siddharth Arora Sahar

There was a time when Bollywood stars were seen promoting cigarettes in their hands in TV commercials or on big hoardings. But times changed and along with the government, Bollywood also understood what should be promoted and what should be restricted, such as the propaganda of the consumption of harmful things. But this article is not for any publicity but it is an open letter to Mrs Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs Funny bones, who is Bollywood’s Twinkle Girl and Akshay Kumar’s wife.

Dear Mrs Tina, you were a princess even before you married Akshay Kumar and after marriage you made Akshay Kumar the king. Not just me, but the whole world believes, that since you have come in your husband’s life, his Bollywood graph has risen. In the past, Akshay used to do four to six films in a year, out of which one or two were hits. Since you have married him, nobody realised that while working with all the famous stars, Akshay Kumar reached the top. He is blessed with such a plethora of wealth and fame, that the eyes of the whole nation were fixed on  him.

But then the Covid-19 pandemic hit, as a result the country and the world became dishevelled. Everyone was in trouble. The world was in chaos. Even then, Akshay Kumar still dominated the news. Sometimes he was a part of a controversy because of his statements, while sometimes he remained in the headlines due to his fitness regime. After the lockdown ended, Akshay became the first star who started shooting.

Again the eyes of the country and the world fell on him. Akshay Kumar, who has always been minting money, never thought that every good and evil eye was suddenly back on him, but still he did not stop. The extent of this happened when your beloved husband started promoting the big brand Chyawanprash to defeat the Corona Virus. While Covid-19 was stirring up trouble all over the world, while every medical researcher was burning the midnight oil to develop a vaccine, Akshay Kumar was still earning millions of rupees to sell immunity to the general public by feeding them two spoons of Chyawanprash. Ms Tina, till when will this go on? Till when will he run after money?

Today, the industry’s most fit actor and the brand ambassador of Chyawanprash has himself become Covid-19 positive. Even now people will talk about him.

We ask you, Ms Tina, till when will this branding and selling game continue in the run for money? If you go to see a movie in the theatre, then at the beginning of every film, Akshay Kumar is seen spreading awareness for sanitary pads. Similarly, he can give free advertisement for spreading awareness to take precautions against the novel Corona Virus.

Your husband, Khiladi Kumar, who is the heartthrob of the country, whose crores of lovers leave their work for a glimpse of him, why doesn’t he appeal to his fans to practice social distancing and wear masks to fight against this deadly virus. Is he waiting for a sponsorship from a big brand for this?

Ms Twinkle, please make him understand that there is more to life than money. In the eyes of the world, Khiladi Kumar has become the highest-paid Bollywood actor and if all goes well, he will remain on top for years to come.

In such situations, getting jinxed is common. We request you to ward off the evil eye from your spouse and explain to him that now is the time to make people aware of the pandemic.

Yesterday, nearly fifty thousand people tested positive for COVID-19 in Maharashtra. It is the state where Bollywood is located.

And among those 50,000 people, one of them is your Khiladi, Akshay Kumar. The lives of Indians, along with all the small and big workers who work in Bollywood, before whom no one is going to place millions of rupees, are also very valuable. These people made him a star. They watch his films and continue to support his success.

The Chief Editor of Mayapuri Magazine, Shri P.K. Bajaj, on behalf of the entire Mayapuri team, prays that Akshay Kumar recovers soon and is ‘back in action’

Edited and Presented by – Ms Rhea

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