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Akshay Kumar’s,” Nagin” Dance In Sauda Khara Khara

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Lipika Varma

During the “Suada Khara Khara-song launch of Akshay Kumar’s latest film,” “Good News starring Kareena Kapoor ,Diljit and Kiara Advani …Akshay’s entry with the Nagin Dance looked amazing –Akshay just kept dancing in front of the Dulha [bridegroom] seated on the horse….[In the video]

Highlighting about the introduction of Nagin Dance in his soon to release flick,” Good Newwz” Akshay updated the journalists, “This idea was conceptualized while I was watching video recorded on a wedding. This man was dancing in front of the bridegroom seated on the horse in Nagin form. I liked it. The only difference is that man dancing in real in the video was drunk…but I don’t drink, so I performed without ingesting any liquor. I still posses that clip of this man dancing like a Nagin Also while people were blessing the bridegroom with flying cash [notes] on this dulha, this man collected all that money and put it in his pocket. [Smiles]”

 On taking this old song,” Sauda khara ….he updates,” we took this song simply because it suited the sequence and also its my friend Singer Sukhbir’s song. So we tried to use it .Also its one of my favorite song.

 Advising everyone he tells,” Those who would like to perform this dance need to take enough precautions’.

At this age performing such difficult steps jumping from the horse back Akshay was comfortable,” Doing such stunts at this age, it makes no difference to Me.,’ Bander ktina bhi budha ho jaye gulati marna nahi chota.]

About the concept of Good Newwz putting up on with a pinch of comedy he says,”  If Comedy can bring up causes easily and simply especially with this film,” Good Newwz” that is based on IVF technology Akshay Opines,” – Then we should make documentary on such issues. If I had to make it serious then why make this film at all? Should have made documentary only. I don’t think people like to watch a documentary. They will be allured to watch an issue based subject if it has a few songs, they would love to watch certain action scenes and certain amount of emotions too in it as well. If you wish to bring up certain issues with an assimilation of all these entertainment values, you can smoothly be able to profess your message to one and all..Giving away messages in a light hearted manner helps it come across well. Firstly, nobody has tapped this subject-[Ivf ] Our director Raj and the script writer have tried to put of this subject on the celluloid as it is written in black and white.[script]If any issue is served with a little comedy it feels good. We are already seeing and facing lot many worldly sufferings. So better give something to people in light manner.”

On working with new directors Akshay reasons,”  I like to work with a new director. I try to notice his greed. He being is new raw, he tries to work with his mind heart and soul …Raj is my 21st director [new]

On risks” working with new director he adds,” –Who says,” there is no risk working with old directors…. its nothing of that sort. Actually, it depends how you are involved in the film .The old ones are content and do not want to try new things.

Akshay reveals a secret about the ,”Good newwz”in his life for the first time,”  When my sister was born that was my first good news.

Soon to release flick of Akshay Kumar none other than,” Good Newws” informing the target audiences he says,” Our target -audiences will be more of ladies. The technology of IVF is a huge thing. About 8 million children have come to life [born]. When, any woman and man cannot conceive babies, they can take to this scientific technology IVf. This is a procedure where a woman’s eggs and a man’s seamen is taken together and then- it is placed in a woman’s womb and that technology has helped many couples to become parents. This film will indeed bring about a huge awareness- IVF is another way of trying to become parents. This procedure is 90 percent successful.

Having done 4 films in I 2019  and if this film does 200 crs business then yearly Akshay’s income will cross 1000/crs , he being  the only one actor working on these lines--For me film it’s important that my films should run well in the theaters. Running of a film is of utmost importance for me.100 cr…200 crs is just a number, I would like to keep these numbers too as vital, but I would not say it does not make any difference to me….. But it does make a difference to me. We have made this film in 37 crs; I make films in very less budget. I mostly try to do such films though. I do not pressurize any film. My next film,”  “Sooryavanshi” is going to be a little expensive.

If,”a Multi starer film is the latest success mantra-I don’t think so. I do multi-starer films as well solo films too. I have never thought over it as such.

 Akshay prefers working in all genres of films ,adding to this he says,” – I do not plan to do films based on social issues only. It’s not that I prefer doing only social films. Any script that I feel will be liked by the audiences’ too,and the script is alluring enough to me as well …. I like to take it up. I did Houseful also recently. After this I have,’ Soorvanshi.” And anything that is out of the box, fresh and new in terms of script also director and above all I should enjoy working on that then I take it up. He concludes.

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