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Aladdin and Yasmine to get married, but will it be as easy as it sounds?


Celebrations await on Sony SAB’s Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga as the most adorable couple Aladdin (Siddharth Nigam) and Yasmine (Avneet Kaur) aka Alasmine will soon be engaged to one another, as declared by none other than Mallika(DebinaBonnerjee) herself.

Mallika has set foot in the Baghdad palace, disguised as Yasmine’s bua, to fulfill her evil mission. Mallika disguised as Bua has been suspecting Aladdin of not being a just ordinary boy. She thinks he  is the one with 3 ginns and a magic carpet. While trying to get to the root of Aladdin’s existence, to everyone’s surprise, Mallika declares Aladdin and Yasmine’s engagement and the entire Baghdad roars in excitement.

The preparations have begun for the grand engagement between the beautiful couple, Alasmine. While everyone is busy preparing for the big day, Mallika on the other hand, has an evil agenda behind this. She is looking for a special and rather unique khanjar (knife) that will help her fulfill the plan she had descended in Baghdad for.

Why does Mallika need the khanjar? Will Aladdin find out Bua aka Mallika’s hidden scheme?

DebinaBonnerjee, essaying the role of Mallika aka Bua said,“Mallika is a sharp and an ambitious woman. She is crystal clear about her agenda in Baghdad. She is looking for a unique Khanjar she had possessed ages ago, which was taken from her. She is not determined to find this unique knife which will be the stepping stone to her grand plan. So, stay tuned as Mallika is set to take all the viewers through a thrilling journey.”

Siddharth Nigam, essaying the role of Aladdin said,“Aladdin has been suspicious of the changing environment of Baghdad but is not yet aware of Mallika. Yasmine’s long lost bua, declares Aladdin and Yasmine’s engagement which comes as a shock but at the same time it is a joyous moment for both of them. Entire Baghdad has been rooting for them and the day is finally close. But, there is a greater challenge ahead of Aladdin which he is unaware of. Will he be able to expose Mallika? Only the upcoming episodes will tell. So, keep watching.”


Watch Alasmine prepare for their big engagement day on Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga every Monday-Friday at 9PM only on Sony SAB