Ali Fazal learned dirt biking for his role in his Hollywood film 'Kandahar'

By Sulena Majumdar Arora
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In one of the many preparations for his part in his latest Hollywood film Kandahar, Ali Fazal had to learn dirt biking. In what is still a rare sport in India, Ali, who plays Kahil in the film, spent time during the shoot learning new skills required for his role. The film which is a war thriller will see Ali in his first high-speed action film. Ali shot the film extensively in the Al Ula region of Saudi Arabia.

Ali Fazal
Ali says, “So, basically Dirt Biking has obviously become a very dear passion in my life. Amazingly we have to distance ourselves from regular bike riding on the busy streets of our cities, But you know that you will never be as good as you want to be. When you're working with such an amazing stunt team on a film like Kandahar, where everything is perfectly measured and state-of-the-art, even though the bike was very simple, deliberately choosing a very non-pricey bike like a KTM, Which means, we chose KTM as opposed to the luxurious Ducati or the sports bike, the Hayabusa, that people are used to liking to watch but that was because we actually had to do these stunts. I had to do these stunts in the desert. And we couldn't pretend many of these things. So I learned about dirt biking. I came 25 days before the shoot and started learning these tricks. Of course, first learn to ride straight on the sand and then, perform various stunts, skids and apply brakes at the right time, speed through various turns, and finally, no matter what stunt you do, you have to bring the character to life. Have to make This includes body language etc. So me and my stunt double, we had to work together all the time because there were some shots like riding up a very steep cliff that's just rocks, things that I've never done."

Kandahar houses top international actors such as Gerard Butler, Travis Fimmel, and Navid Negban. Just this past weekend, the film was released in North America and is streaming in India on Amazon Prime Video. Ali plays Kahill, who is at odds with the film's main character, Gerard Butler.

Ali Fazal talks about his journey from the Indian film industry to Hollywood and how it has been rewarding, diverse, and democratic for him. Ali discusses the challenges of securing multiple international projects, and how inclusivity and diversity are becoming increasingly important in the film industry. He also stressed on the need to support each other in the Indian film industry. Ali talks about his experience working with big stars like Gal Gadot, Gerad Butler, and Judi Dench and how he gets excited to share notes and collaborate with them. Ali also talks about his latest project, Kandahar, and how it was a unique and new experience for him. Ali feels it is an exciting time to be an actor and use the world as his stage. Talking about the same, Ali said, "As an actor, working with international stars is always an exciting opportunity and a learning experience the set of Kandahar, I got to work with actors like Gerard Butler and Toby Kebbell, who are incredibly talented and dedicated to their craft. It was interesting to observe their process and learn from their approach to their characters.

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