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Once there was a beautiful Temple made by MAA, we used to call it home, but now… Ali Peter John


This was my where my mother built her hut which was the first in a forrest. It was rebuilt by my younger brother Roy Ali (who turned it into a piece of Attraction) and when he died on this day December 15, had to leave the house because of some new era goondaas who had taken away our house. And when I went on a round in my village on my mother’s 100th death anniversary, I couldn’t recognize her either my village or my house. And what was most shocking for me was the stark reality of M Ali house was now replaced by the slogan to save India, “JAI SHREE RAM”

M Ali house was the place I was brought up in by my mother together with Roy. We went to the best school from m Ali house. I had my own one – table library in it and I studied all through the night with the help of a kerosene lamp and left for college at three thirty a m to walk all the way to college. This was the house from where the funerals of both my mother and Roy left on what the priest said was their final journey. This was the place from where our pet dog prince left and never came back after he seemed to have realized that we were in no condition to feed him.

This was the place where I had started a small club for the youth of the village who were masters in the art of playing dirty politics even at that age and in that backward village my luck or call it what you may change and I had guests like my guru K A Abbas and the great Urdu writer and filmmaker Rajender Singh Bedi who were completely at home in my home built by mother with her own hands and made of old bamboo sticks, dried up leaves, cow-dung and mud and much latter given a better shape by Roy who was as brave and as courageous as our brother and who could face several strong men all by himself just like my mother uses to I was a kind of example in my village called Kondivita and now when I went back after forty years, children and even old men and women looked at me as if I had come from some other planet. And only yesterday I heard the story about the son of Kamal Amrohi, the maker of some memorable films like Mahal, Paakeeza and Razia Sultaan staking their claim on the vast Mahakali caves which history has recorded was built by the emperor Ashoka. And if this can happen, I will not be surprised at all if some other sons, come up with a fabulous fantasy tale about the one thousand year old church close to the Mahakali caves and very close to m Ali house belonging to them because they are godfathers had built the church on land belonging to them.

Chal udd jaa re panchi, ki ye desh huva begaana

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