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Alka Yagnik gifts the music industry its latest love anthem, Mujhko Mana Lena, in collaboration with Ashok Ojha


The lockdown has been trial by fire for many couples – while it has witnessed many relationships crumbling under the pressure of being constantly around each other, for some others it has made the bonds stronger – Jyothi Venkatesh

Legendary singer Alka Yagnik, in collaboration with musician Ashok Ojha, has returned to woo her audience with her latest song– Mujhko Mana Lena.

The video features a couple who have an inability to hear and speak, who are involved in a fight and how they find a way around it.

Showcasing heartwarming chemistry between television actor Zain Imam and Khushi Chaudhary and set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, the track is sure to serenade your mind and soul.

Directed by the notable composer Sugat Dhanvijay, and woven together by acclaimed lyricist Tripurari Kumar Sharma, the song truly is a balm for troubled souls in love.

Alka Yagnik said, “ I was bowled over by the simplicity of this song – it’s composition , it’s words and the message it conveys.

I wanted to be a part of this instantly . In tough times where relationships come under duress , I hope this song acts as a peace offering between couples.

The phenomenal love song is available on Saregama Music’s YouTube Channel and leading music streaming apps.

You can view the song here: