Although “Not A Cinema-Lover”, Governor Koshyari-Sir Honours Amisha Patel, Udit Narayan, Prem Chopra Etc And Even Mingles With Them 

Chief Guest Hon’ble Maharashtra State Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari  impressed the invited audience with his frank, humorous witty views

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Chaitanya  Padukone

Chief Guest Hon’ble Maharashtra State Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari  impressed the invited audience with his frank, humorous witty views in his address-speech. Later he stepped down from the stage and  even mingled with the Bollywood stars-celebs-awardees ( stunningly vivacious Amisha Patel, evergreen Prem Chopra and  Dheeraj Kumar, Pakkhi Hegde, singers Udit Narayan, Soma Ghosh , Jyotika Tangri ).  This happened at the  glittering Dream Achievers Awards-2020,  memorable historic event held last night at  The Club in Mumbai, which was co-hosted by  popular magazine Films Today ( Editor Rajesh Shrivastava) and Nana Nani Foundation (Shyam Singhania).


In a jovial mood, the Governor  confessed that although he was a diligent literature student, he had not watched any Hindi movies after 1962 and the last movie he watched was  ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ . If a veteran like Prem Chopra-saab can attend this event, age-wise,   I guess even I am qualified to be part of this wonderful occasion.  Our culturally-rich  nation India is known for its festivals and folk-music . Actually, I am fond of listening to songs and I  feel popular film-music  songs play a indispensable role in the life of every Indian and contribute in a huge way towards  national unity and integration, At the same time I am not a cinema-lover or a movie-lover, “ shared the Governor , even as the audience was highly impressed with his candid honesty. Incidentally the awardees included patriotic achievers as well like Maj.Gen G D Bakshi, and the stunningly charming  yet formidable ACP Shahida Ganguly ( encounter specialist in J & K region).


Speaking exclusively to me, awardee Amisha Patel reacted, “ To receive such a prestigious honour-award from the revered Governor that too along with other phenomenal Achievers, I feel so small and humbled. Because some of them have even fought for our country, taking a huge risk with their lives. It makes me so happy and it means a lot, to be showered with the love of the audiences and by my loyal fans and my work  being recognized. As regards the 20 years completion of my Hindi debut film ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’ , it’s been such a beautiful journey until now,  one that I wouldn’t change for the world,” smiled the ravishing Amisha even as she was mobbed by fans.  . Other  Special Awardees & Guests included popular PRO Himanshu Jhunjhunwala,  glam-diva stage-performer, Anushkaa Daas, charming model-actresses Priyanka Chauhan, Marisa Verma, Chittrali Das and of course veteran film PRO Rajoo Karia, who got his life-time achievement award from affable Amisha,, whom he had initially mentored when she started her acting career.


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