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Aly Has Been Vocal That He Went Inside For Jasmin. I Don’t Think It Will Go against Her :Sonali Singh


Not only has Aly Goni’s entry in Bigg Boss made the game more interesting but it has also stirred a lot of things in the show. The actor has always maintained that he is there for his dear friend Jasmin Bhasin and the two are clearly rocking the show together. Jyothi Venkatesh

I know Aly from the last 8-9 years” Sonal

We got in touch with another close friend of Aly, Sonali Singh, one of the young creative directors and content head at Thinking Pictures, who has recently announced a new film titled Janhit Mein Jaari to get more dope on the actor. “I know Aly from the last 8-9 years now. We met in Delhi at an event and we happened to speak to each other. Then he came to Mumbai and began his acting journey. We kept in touch and our bond kept growing,” she says.

“Aly Goni’s stay in the house will teach him about his patience”

aly goni in bigg boss 14Sonali starts by saying that she is thrilled to see Aly in the show. “I think finally he took the decision of going in and it’s good, he would get to explore another side of his personality. He has always been very pampered and did not even need to get up and work ever. But now he is doing everything in the Bigg Boss house. He was always fond of cooking. When we would go to his house and he would make the most amazing tamatar ki chutney and we would wait for it. His stay in the house will teach him about his patience. He anyway had to go for the show at some point and what is a better time than when his friend Jasmin is in the house,” she says.

he is inclined towards Jasmin, but if she is wrong, he tells her too

Sonali adds that she loves Aly’s game in the show. “Aly is playing really well, he is really being himself. He is like that in real life too. He keeps his point very strongly whenever he feels something. If someone is right, he will stand with that person throughout. If something is wrong, he will explain this to his friend and tell them the pros and cons of what they are doing. People think of him as a mastermind. I feel if you have gone in such a show and are not using your mastermind then what is the point? I think people are loving him for his game. It is not like he is partial towards anyone, he is inclined towards Jasmin, but if she is wrong, he tells her too,” she says.

Aly is just there for her, he doesn’t tell her what to do.

aly goni in bigg boss 14A lot has been said about how Aly’s presence will make Jasmin look weak, however Sonali disagrees. “Aly has been vocal that he went inside for Jasmin. I don’t think it will go against her. There are people who are in support of Jasmin and Aly and then there are people who are against them. Sometimes, a person is strong enough but when there are a lot of people opposite her, that person doesn’t know how to voice herself. But if someone comes as an emotional assurance for them, then it’s great. Aly is just there for her, he doesn’t tell her what to do. Now, she can put forth her points because she knows Aly is there. So, I feel that instead of Aly, had it been anyone, it would have been an emotional reassurance. I don’t think it is going against her,” she says.

Aly is very emotional for his friends and his parents especially

Aly and Kavita Kaushik’s fight in the Bigg Boss house has been one which will be remembered for years. The two have been at loggerheads for a while now and things got worse when Kavita said, ‘Main tera baap hoon’, to Aly. This really angered him. “We know that Kavita doesn’t think before speaking. She says just anything. Aly is very emotional for his friends and his parents especially. Even in jokes, if something like this comes up, he cannot take it. Even in his real life, Aly will be like, ‘Talk properly and don’t involve parents or anyone else.’ Even if Kavita didn’t have these intentions, it was not wrong for Aly to react like that. Everyone over there is without their families and are on an emotional journey, so you cannot trigger someone like this, intentionally or unintentionally. Even if you have not done it intentionally, the other person has felt bad, so be ready to bear the consequences,” she says.

Aly will win this game. Aly is the winner

aly goni in bigg boss 14  Ask her who will win the game and she says, “According to me, Aly will win this game. For me, Aly is the winner. I only see him as the winner. But I see good competitors inside and everyone is playing a good game. But I see Aly in the top 5 or at least the top 3 for sure. He is the strongest player, he and Jasmin. If I have to see others, besides them, then Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan.”

She adds, “Aly’s strongest points are that he is honest, he plays fair. He puts forward his opinions very strongly and in a straightforward manner. He doesn’t get into a mess. He keeps away and tries to sort things out. He has a great vibe about himself. He knows when to entertain and keeps making everyone laugh.”

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