Amal Sehrawat: My interest in experiencing different characters and their lives made me inclined toward acting

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Working towards fulfilling our ambition and dream is the most important aspect of our lives. While some take time to identify what they want to pursue, there are others who know about their heart calling quite early. Actor Amal Sehrawat talks about how and when he realized his love for acting.

“My interest in experiencing different characters and their lives made me inclined towards acting. I was always fascinated by the liberty an actor gets to enter into the headspace of different characters and understand their perspective, which in turn expands their perception spectrum as an artist. While at it, I know how much it has helped me as an individual and allowed me to look at situations from multiple points of view, and also helped me in becoming non-judgmental,” he says.

As a child, Amal always looked up to his parents and they were his only role models. “But as time passed and I started gaining experience, I realized that no one is perfect. So instead of having a single role model, I choose to learn the best from everyone I meet,” he continues, “Having a mentor is very important, but, for different aspects of life, different mentors are required depending on their expertise as they help to make us see through difficult situations clearly. Broadly, two mentors are very important, Personal Life Mentor and Professional Life Mentor.”

Amal Sehrawat

While there should be benchmarks in acting, it also needs to be broken, he feels. “Every performance of me as an actor should be a benchmark and many notches higher than previous performances, that's the only way to keep on evolving as an actor.

As far as his performance is concerned, Amal does not need glycerine to shed tears, nor does he go back in life to find out that one incident that makes him sad. He has his own process to emote on screen.

“For me, honesty is the most important and to achieve that in emotional or any other scene, I put my character's thoughts into the situation, and allow those thoughts to respond to it. Whatever comes out naturally is what you see on screen,” he shares.

On the other hand, actors may be very good at doing emotional scenes, but like us, they too go through personal crises and deserve privacy to deal with it. Agreeing, Amal adds, “I agree with it because when I take responsibility to play a character I automatically become a part of his emotional journey. Hence, the emotions of characters directly impact my psychology and physiology. Though I am trying to learn the switch on switch off method.”

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