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Jyothi Venkatesh

Amal Sehrawat, who plays the role of Jagga in Choti Sardagini, loves being part of the show. Amal is happier these days as the show has ranked as the numero uno  this week. He says,”The TRP in 4 weeks increased from 1.1 to 2.1. it is the number one show  and  my second show after Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and coincidentally both have climbed the top slot this week. I am full of gratitude today. I can’t express my happiness in words.

Last two years were full of short term  work but lot of struggle. It took me a while to see this day. I am glad that i kept trying and never ever thought of giving up. May be that’s why I am blessed to be part of such a  beautiful show that is receiving so much. One needs to really wait to find the right opportunity and it really affects you til lyou don’t get itAnd also what I am playing now is something I always wanted to play. And when you get to see the end result you just get that creative high and get charged to do better in coming time.” On being asked what changes he finds in the TV industry he says, “Industry has progressed in variety of ways.

The content being made is of wide variety. There are interesting characters and shows. Though competition has increased but it’s healthy. The audiences tastes have changed too. The drama is more realistic. Producers are willing to experiment too”. Ask him what are his strengths are an actor and he says, “My strength as an actor is that I’m not insecure at all and secondly, I always approach the characters psychologically, then emotionally and at last, I come to the physicality. I understand the craft of a scene and I keep working on myself whenever I get a break, I never sit at home. So, either I’m working professionally and if not, then I’m attending one or the other kind of a workshop, where I get an opportunity to learn new things and excel my own skills.

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