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Amal Sehrawat’s Parents Are Flying Down To Celebrate His Birthday In Mumbai

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Amal Sehrawat is on cloud nine today. It’s his birthday and the tall handsome actor will be celebrating the day with his family. Amal who is currently known as Jagga from the popular show Chota Sarrdaarni, has taken a day off. Speaking more about his plans he says,  “This birthday my parents are flying down from Delhi so it’s going to be an exclusive family party including me my wife, son, and parents. We will be going to a nice place for dinner – mostly dinner on the floating restaurant in Mumbai. Hopefully we will enjoy the experience.” Speaking on his birthday wish Amal says,”I wish that people become more aware about the pollution and start taking it seriously,  and do something about it. Our generation is already suffering, but our next generation is going to suffer even more. I also wish for love, prosperity, health and happiness for everyone. There is no birthday ritual that I follow. I just take it as another normal day and thank God for it.”

So what has been your fondest birthday memory? “My most memorable birthday gift was when I got my first car.  I was in 10th class my parents gifted it to me and I was at cloud nine at that time, it is my cherished memory. This birthday I would like to gift myself more clarity in life, more balance in life, a gift of not judging anybody and just accepting everyone as they are and accepting myself as I am.” Amal who plays the dutiful son Jagga in Choti Sarrdaarni also shares his excitement of working in the show. He adds,”It’s a great team effort. The script is so strong that the audience is getting a new flavor every day. Our writers are doing a fantastic job. Our directors, production team, costume team, and the actor’s team they all are doing wonderful but I think the core reason behind this success is the writing. .Jagga and Amal are very similar to each other in a way that they both don’t speak up in front of their parents and are very similar.. Everyday on social media I am getting loads of appreciation for my performance and that boosts my energy as an actor.”

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