Aman Dhaliwal Attacked: The Indian actor in the film ‘Jodha Akbar’ was attacked with a knife in the American gym


A shocking video has surfaced online, in which Punjabi actor Aman Dhaliwal went to a gym in America. The incident happened when he was doing a workout in the gym. Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai starrer has also worked in the Bollywood film ‘Jodha Akbar’. Punjabi actor Aman Dhaliwal has been attacked in a gym in America.

According to reports, Aman Dhaliwal was at the gym, he was working out in the gym in America. A video of the person who attacked Aman Dhaliwal went viral on social media. In a video, A Person attacked with a knife and threatens aman and other gym-goers. While Aman is held at knifepoint. Moments later, the actors find the right moment, turn around and pin the accused to the ground, and then immediately other people come and blocked the attacker. Still, Aman Dhaliwal got so many injuries on his body and he is hospitalized for recovery.Aman Dhaliwal

Also, This incident took place in California at Planet Fitness ( chain of gyms in the North American) at 9:20am in Grand Oaks.Investigation is going on this incident by the local police.


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