Aman Singh - destiny’s own actor

By Team Bollyy
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Aman Singh is destiny’s own actor, literally. He had gone to USA to scout for colleges to do his MBA but destiny had something else in store for him. He was spotted and scouted by a Model Agency. “They got me assignments and I travelled world over for work. Through my work with them I got connected to the New York fashion circuit.  I got into the New York Fashion Week, where I walked the ramp for a couple of seasons, and that’s when I started getting audition calls for acting and I realised that this was my calling.”

However, this electrical engineer by education didn’t want to jump into acting without proper training. So he applied and got into the Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute in New York City.  And only after completing a course in acting there did he take the plunge and took up acting as a career.

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Aman has been lucky enough to work in India as well as USA. He finds working environment  in both the countries equally rewarding. “I think I’ve been fortunate to have gotten great crews on both sides of the world.  India of course being home, there’s a certain level of comfort that comes with it; and the US being uncharted terrain for me, brings a level of excitement that pushes me to try and be the best version of myself in front of the camera.  But I think having this unique opportunity to shuttle between both industries helps me open up facets of myself as an actor which perhaps I may not have been able to achieve otherwise,” he adds.

Aman, a recurring cast member of theatre ensemble ‘A Sketch of New York’, has had amazing experience with the group. It is a long-running satirical sketch comedy show that performs in the heart of Manhattan's theatre district. Made up of 18 individual sketches rooted in classing old-school New York City traditions dating back to vaudeville and beyond, A Sketch of New York mocks the absurdity of our own lives in the capital of the world. Life, love, work, play, and the realities of city living are skewered as we put on stage the absurdities we all live with, and try to paint a picture of what New York nowadays is really like.

Aman has done many ad films and commercials in India. However, his favourites are the campaign for Head & Shoulders which was just 4 months into the pandemic and the industry was just starting to open up.  He got a call he was very excited but also intimidated because the commercial was being shot by renowned director Deb Medhekar.  “But he was absolutely amazing both as a director and as a person.  Especially also since I had lost my grandfather just two days prior and was not on my best game, but he completely supported and helped me bring out my best”.

Second is the ad he did for Google Pixel 2 which was shot in Jodhpur.  It was a once in a lifetime experience since they shot for 5 days in the desert and in the old town. And last but not the least was commercial which was shot to promote the hit Broadway Musical – THE LION KING.  Grown up watching that movie and to be a part of something connected to that was a dream come true for him.

Aman is looking at OTT in India and has few offers in hand. Amongst top favorites from Hindi film industry are Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor. “Despite being a generation apart I see so much similarity in the way they are able to completely melt into a role, that one forgets one is watching the personality and just sees them for the characters they play,” he gushes. Aman has done a movie ‘Look In MY Eyes’ that was shot on iPhone.

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