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Amazon Prime Video Launches A New Title Track For Afsos


Presenting Afsos title track, Arijit Singh’s new song of 2020, music composed by Neel Adhikari, lyrics written by Neel Adhikari and Sameer Satija. Afsos is an upcoming black comedy-suspense series on Amazon Prime Video starring Gulshan Devaiah, Anjali Patil, Heeba Shah, where a suicidal man and a deadly assassin encounter the world of immortality. The show is slated for launch on Amazon Prime Video on 7th February 2020. Commenting on the title track, the show’s Director Anirban Dasgupta said “It was a pleasure working with our favorite artist Arijit Singh for the Afsos title track and we couldn’t be happier. It’s a unique song of a man romancing death on his last day alive. Arijit Singh’s voice and Neel Adhikari’s composition captures the essence of the story of Afsos beautifully. The song is a powerful melody with an underlying message and I hope it will touch people’s hearts.”

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