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Amiben Modi Advises All To Spend Time With Family This Navratri 

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Jyothi Venkatesh

As everyone gets set to celebrate Navratri, spiritual healer Amiben Modi says that these days are all about celebrations, festivity and family time. “Navratri! The name itself rings a bell within us, making us remember dance, colours, friends, memories, excitement, spirituality, happiness and enthusiasm. Navratri is the ultimate festival that has the most amount of enjoyment associated with it. Each and every person, be it big or small, knows that this festival primarily denoted happiness and celebrations. During Navratri, each family worships goddesses, every family has a KUL DEVI. During this festival, praying to the goddesses not only purifies your soul but it also provides your family with the ultimate protection for the coming year. The essence of Navratri is to acknowledge and worship the goddesses that protect us, give us strength and love and celebrate their presence with auspicious colours, Garba songs which are made for them and just spread merriment with dance,” she says.

Talking about the rituals associated with the festival, she says, “During Navratri, the main event every day is Mataji Aarti which is a prayer, done with a lamp in the honour of the goddesses. Every family does this Aarti together. They pray to their KUL Devi and this increases their values, bonding and promotes positivity. Fasting during this season when monsoon ends and winter begins purifies your body. This is the logical/scientific reason and fasting during Navratri spiritually earns you blessings from the goddesses to stay healthy happy and invites auspicious events to your home.”Amiben says that it’s important to spend time with your family during these days. “This Navratri, I urge everyone to spend at least 15 minutes together every day, light a lamp for the goddesses, pray to them for your family’s well-being and just be grateful for everything you have!” she says.

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