Amit Khanna Birthday Special: Ek Aadmi Aur Usme Kitne Saare Aadmi — Ali Peter John

Amit Khanna Birthday (1)

He looked small in stature but something big was written in his destiny! He made his humble beginnings in a distributor’s office in Delhi, during which the great discoverer, Dev Anand discovered him! His name was Amit Khanna. He was a bright, dynamic, dedicated and firebrand man, he was the kind of young man Dev Anand wanted to have in his company ‘Navketan’!

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Amit came to Bombay (it was not called Mumbai then). Dev directly offloaded all his responsibilities to him which were challenges for him and Amit was the kind of man who loved challenges, he knew how to manage things, anything else for a human being Everything was possible as long as he was armed with his will power, without any problem, without fear, without give up, which does not allow man to surrender or give up!

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Dev was very happy with his discovery. He knew his amazing ability to get things done and do whatever he wanted to do. It took very little time for Amit to gain the full confidence of his boss and was Dev’s best servant, a man who never said no to him and a man who tested himself in the worst of times and circumstances. Could have done!

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Amit was a lot inspired by Dev because he used to forget whatever happened and move forward without thinking about the past, Dev followed a perfect philosophy, and that was “Har fikr ko dhune mein udta chala Went”. Amit fought all the battles to solve every problem Dev faced and kept fighting until he reached a stage where Dev took him very seriously and left many of his important decisions in his hands Because Dev knew that he was energetic, enthusiastic and always in a state of energetic excitement.

And when Amit wanted to fly, wanted to be something, wanted to make a name for himself, wanted to stand on his own feet, Dev was the only person to stop him, but he gave him his blessings and allowed him to fly high left.

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And then Amit kept on growing, he was a poet, and he wrote songs for some of Dev’s films and some for other films. He took it a step further and challenged himself as a producer and made the film ‘Mann Pasand’ with Dev and his discovery, Tina Munim, who then had no idea that she would play a major part of her career. Amit is going to play an important role, Amit also directed some films, which are still not released due to some reasons, although now even God may not know where those films have gone, in which corner they have to fight. left for.

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He soon became a very important young leader of the industry who needed a dynamic leader like him who could keep changing with the times and make the industry realize the mistakes they had made and whoever wanted it Gave your advice.

He was the brain behind the launch of some of the biggest companies producing movies and TV serials and rose to the position of director of Reliance Big Entertainment and took the new company from success to success until he realized that It did not occur to him that he has to carve a niche for himself and has decided to carve out a new future for himself even at this stage of his life. He is the man who inspired Big Films to have ‘Mami Festival’ which has spread its wings and is all set to fly high because of the support of Tina Munim, his one time heroine who took Reliance There is a major mind behind every decision taken, in the group led by her husband Anil Dhirubhai Ambani.

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And if you think he has reached a stage where he should take a few steps back, you are wrong, because this man knows no holds barred like the man who first brought him to Bombay. brought the one and only Dev Anand and now it seems like every ending is just a new beginning for Amit and the journey has just begun as he still has miles to go and find his new life. To convert ideas and dreams into reality.

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In conclusion, if one really wants to know what or who Amit Khanna is, he should be at Mehboob Studio where the whole world of his greatness becomes visible in what he calls “Light-Camera-Action” and all kinds of celebrities. are present there, in which there is a crowd of people especially associated with films, theater and music.

The pandemic has now trapped him in Delhi, where he was born and spent the early years of his life, until he met Dev Anand who changed his life.