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Ananya Panday Was Supposed To Do A Quick-Cameo In Rysa’s Directorial Debut ‘Daud’, -Reveals ‘Producer’ Dad Chunky Panday   


 Chaitanya  Padukone

“This time I am not a-a-joking,” drawls witty Chunky Pandey in his famous Aakhri Paasta Italian character style.  Celeb actor Chunky  and his dynamic wife Bhavana are emotionally delighted because their younger daughter Rysa Panday has turned amateur ‘writer-director’ with her first short film titled ‘Daud’ which has motivational-mentoring-girl empowerment, as its socially relevant theme. The engaging Hindi short film with English sub-titles and a running time of 07:30 mins is “produced” by dad Chunky Pandey with cameo appearances by Karisma Kapoor’s young daughter Samaira and actor Sanjay Kapoor’s young son Jahaan. Speaking exclusively to me, the euphoric Chunky shared , “ Just a week ago, my daughter Rysa celebrated her 16th birthday and this small-budget short-film ‘Daud’ is more like a sentimental Return B’Day Gift for me, since it’s my first production.  While my elder daughter Ananya recently won the prestigious Filmfare Award for her acting debut, the younger one Rysa is winning the hearts of lakhs of digital viewers with her writing and direction talent. We may even  send ‘Daud’ as competitive entry to a few Indian and foreign film-festivals as well,” disclosed the senior Pandey who was aware of his daughter’s hidden creative talents since her childhood. “In fact, Rysa is so versatile, she wants to even try singing and is extremely fond of performing arts. Actually, while I was expected to record my ‘voice-over’,  Ananya was supposed to be putting in a cameo appearance in this short film ‘Daud. But since she was genuinely caught up with her hectic shoot of her movie ‘Kaali-Peeli’, she could not attend the ‘Daud’ shoot.  We are still exploring this possibility,” reveals Chunky whose smart-dude nephew Ahaan Panday has also helped the direction team. “It’s Panday Parivaar Production : P-3 ”, quips the ‘Aakhri Pasta’ versatile star-actor who has dared to defy his romantic hero and comic screen-image and grab nasty-villain roles which have also been well-appreciated.