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And Now, The Karni Sena Has Threatened Javed Akhtar Over His Remarks On The Ghoonghat

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The Rajasthan-based Rajput Karni Sena,a fringe group, has now threatened lyricist Javed Akhtar with violence. Akhtar had said the practice of ghoonghat in Rajasthan should also be outlawed if voices like ‘Saamna’ were demanding a selective ban on the burqa.

Akhtar had said in Bhopal, “If you want to bring a law banning burqa here and if it is someone’s view I have no objection. But before the last phase of election in Rajasthan, this government should announce a ban on the practice of ghoonghat in that state. I feel that ghoonghat should go and the burqa should go. I will be happy.”

Akhtar also said, “Some people are trying to distort my statement. I have said that maybe in Sri Lanka it (the ban) is done for security reasons but actually it is required for women empowerment. Covering the face should be stopped whether naqab or ghoonghat.”

A slew of right-wing elements began criticising his statement to which he responded, “The question is not only of our security but the dignity and empowerment of women. Can a woman in a burqa or ghoonghat be a pilot, sportsperson, journalist, political leader?I believe both the restrictions on women are undesirable. It doesn’t matter whether it is a law or tradition. Subjugation of women should not be acceptable at any cost in any form anywhere.”

The Sena had threatened to gouge out his eyes and cut his tongue.

His son, writer-actor-director Farhan Akhtar said it was the right of everyone to have their own opinion, but violence was not a solution.

In the meanwhile, the Mumbai police are not taking any chances and have tightened the security for Javed at his Juhu apartment and all around the building. Javed was supposed to meet the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai on Friday, but there has not been any statement made by any side.

It may be remembered that it was the same karni Sena which played havoc with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his film,“Padmavat”.

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