And then, Gradually a unique Shami-mania arose

By Sulena Majumdar Arora
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The biography of Indian cricket star, fast bowler Mohammed Shami is a good topic for a biopic film!

Even before this Cricket World Cup semi-final, many cricket experts had praised Mohammed Shami for the beauty and skill of his bowling, and indeed, during this tournament, he has become an icon not only for cricket lovers but also for the people of India he turned into a hero. Shami's brilliant performance helped India reach the final and he emerged as the favorite hero of the audience.

Mohammed Shami

Now unlike before, even ordinary cricket fans eagerly wait for Shami to bowl. Whenever he takes a ball, the atmosphere in the stadium warms up... His influence is so significant that the audience stops chitchatting or munching snacks and focuses on Shami's every move. When he takes a wicket, the apprehensive silence turns into explosive excitement, creating a unique Shami-mania.

Shami and Jasprit Bumrah

Shami's bowling in this World Cup semifinal completely outclassed other fast bowlers including superstar Jasprit Bumrah and he became a cult-hero, known for his fiery, accurate, and composed performances. Shami is not just a regular third seamer; He has redefined his strong role by becoming a key player in India's fast-bowling lineup.
Mohammed Shami really excelled in the World Cup semi-finals and took 7 wickets. He became the first Indian to achieve this feat in One Day International (ODI). He played an important role in helping India win by 70 runs by preventing New Zealand from bouncing back.

Bumrah, Siraj & Shami

Shami's impressive record includes his fourth five-wicket haul in the World Cup game, making him the leading wicket-taker in the tournament with 23 wickets. Despite several challenges with bowlers like Bumrah and Siraj, Shami's efficient bowling including two important outswingers helped India take control of the game.
Although stellar performances from Daryl Mitchell, Kane Williamson, and Glenn Phillips had jeopardized India's chances of victory, Shami's exceptional performance turned the situation around. India's victory confirmed its place in the World Cup final.

Rohit Sharma & Shami

However, captain Rohit Sharma has always had faith in Shami's ability to achieve success on important occasions. His confidence has been inspiring other bowlers to attack, knowing that Shami can handle all the pressure. Shami's influence has been compared to that of Ricky Ponting during his dominance of Australian batting.
It is a different matter that despite being India's inaugural representative in 2013, Shami's talent took time to be widely appreciated. Unlike some flashy cricketers, Shami avoided the limelight and focused on developing into a mass hero through consistent wicket-taking and a keen eye, and he succeeded. Many Bollywood beauties are infatuated with handsome Mohammed Shami. According to reports, actress Payal Ghosh also likes Shami and if rumors are to be believed then Payal is also considering the proposal of marrying Shami. Shami's ardent fans say, "At present Shami is single, after ending the marriage with the bitter experience of his first plunge. Once bitten, twice shy may be the reason of his staying aloof.

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