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Angad Hasija Says That He Has No Regrets Having Rejected The Bigg Boss Offer


Jyothi Venkatesh

For all those who are wondering if they will see actor Angad Hasija locked up in the Bigg Boss house, here are some details directly from the horse’s mouth. The actor says that he had turned the offer down. “I did get an offer for Bigg Boss this year but I rejected it because I feel that Big Boss is just not for me. Sometimes, you feel that a particular thing is just not for you. I feel that I won’t be able to survive in Bigg Boss because of my nature. I had even got an offer from them before but I am not doing it as I feel that I should not do it. There is a lot of buzz about it and even I have heard people saying and asking me whether I am going to be in Bigg Boss but I am absolutely not entering the house,” he says. Meanwhile, the actor is part of web series Ishq Aaj Kal and has been loving the response. “I feel really nice because Ishq Aaj Kal is being appreciated a lot by everyone and is a hit. The second season is also doing pretty well. Now, we are shooting the third season and there is one more season to come after that. And there is a possibility that more seasons would come after the 4th one too. But as of now, I know that we have 4 seasons in total. I hope that the third season also becomes a hit like the second season. I feel it will be better than the previous one because the storyline is really strong. I feel really nice doing a web series because I have been waiting for it from a long time. I have been doing TV for a long time so I wanted to do something different and web series are doing really well these days. I feel that my wait was worth it because people are loving it and I am very happy.”

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