Animal Musical Event: Ranbir asked fans, “Are you all premium members of Spotify?”…

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Animal Musical Event: Ranbir asked fans, “Are you all premium members of Spotify?”…

This film, which created a stir among the people right from its trailer, is now going to rule the hearts of the people with its songs. The trailer of the film has more than five million views. The voices of singers like Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosal, Vishal Mishra, and B Praak will fascinate you. Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, Bobby Deol, Anil Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor, and Tripti Dimri will be seen in the film. The film will hit the screens on December 1. An album of the songs in the film has been made which was released in the presence of all the musicians in this musical event.

The musical evening of the film Animal started with a fun-filled performance by Ranbir and Bobby. Where Ranbir was seen sitting on Bobby's lap and host Janice said that now we will take today's interview like this.

Talking about the event, Ranbir said, “Hello guys, this is something which even we did not expect. It is very good here all of you. Our film Animal is releasing on 1st December. Today's event is being hosted by Spotify with our host Janice. Today everyone is here, we also have singers, composers, and musical talents. And our money bag Bhushan Kumar is also here. Our music is being launched today, we are very excited about it.”

publive-image Addressing the crowd, Lord Bobby said, “All I can say is that it has been very overwhelming for me that Response Animal has come. I am also a little nervous today, as the release day is approaching I am becoming a little more nervous. It's great to see you guys here today. I listen to music on Spotify, they do a great job of giving you choices as to what kind of music you like to listen to. I would just say that on December 1, you all must go to the theater and watch the film.”

How are you guys reacting when both of you are being called thirst trap after your trailer launch?

Ranbir- Whatever you want to say, just come and watch the movie on 1st December.

Bobby- Your only desire should be to watch the film.

Event host Janice said, “We will play a game in which you have to answer each other's questions.”

Question- Ranbir, which song do you think Bobby Deol sings while taking a bath?

Ranbir- I don't know what he sings or does but I do this.

Ranbir demonstrated the hook step while singing Bobby Deol's song 'Teri Adaon Pe Marta Hoon'.

Question- Ranbir, since you guys are very close friends, what do you think will be the name of Bobby's workout playlist?

Ranbir- It must be Lord Bobby.

Question- Lord Bobby, this is the same question for you too, what is the name of Ranbir's workout playlist?

Bobby- Animal


Question- Bobby, which is Ranbir's favorite song in the film?

Bobby- I don't know, what is the title of that song that song is going to be released today?

Ranbir- That is the song of B Praak Paaji.

Bobby- I like that song very much. This song has not been released yet. My son also liked this song very much. When we were shooting that song, and during that scene when I was hitting Ranbir, I could see those lyrics in his eyes, this song is so beautiful.

Question- During this film, the bromance of both of you has been seen, and Ranbir, in many interviews you have said that you have grown up watching his films, but when did you feel that you have a friendship-like love for Bobby?

Ranbir- I have been meeting Bobby sir for years, and there was always an instant connection. I think our personality is probably similar, we both are introverted type people.

Bobby- I have seen Ranbir grow up. I met him when he had not become an actor, and he has always been very humble. The kind of upbringing we have and the love we have for our family is probably what connects us. I am a big fan of his work. This is my favorite actor.

Question- Which film of Ranbir did you like best?

Bobby- Animal


Question- Would you also say the same thing as Bobby said?

Ranbir- No, the best film Bobby I liked was 'Gupt'.

Question- Bobby, it is time for you to get married, now you also have a son, Ranbir has just got married and has become a father, and would you like to give any advice?

Bobby- No one can give you advice on how to be a parent, it comes naturally to you. Every parent has his own experience in dealing with children. Our parents were different, ours is different. Whatever I am today is because of him. All I want to do as a parent is to not make the same mistakes that my parents did, but then you will do something that will not be right for your child.

Question- Have you ever seen Ranbir with Raha?

Bobby- I have always seen him doing FaceTime with Raha. I have never met her but I have seen her, she is very cute, this film started when she was born, now she is one year old. Question- What do you talk to your one-year-old daughter on FaceTime?

Ranbir- She is very responsive, she gives flying kisses, and she reacts to your words. And nothing can give you more happiness than this.

The film's producer Bhushan Kumar also joined Ranbir and Bobby on stage.


Question- Why does everyone call you Bhushan Kumar ji?

Bhushan- I don't know why these people have made me so big.

Ranbir- Sir, your work is so big sir, I am giving you respect.

Question- How did you bring all the songs of the film together and what kind of response did you get on Spotify?

Bhushan- Whenever I produce a film, I get involved in its music production. The reason for doing this is that it is right at the commercial level and is also suitable for the screenplay of the film. I have worked with Sandeep Vanga before also in 'Kabir Singh'. I wanted some music in it but he was a little hesitant. But then he agreed and our album of that film was also very good. This time also he brought some music and said sir, if you don't like it, we will change it. For the record, I want to say that T-Series has no input in this. Whatever songs and music it contains are the contributions of its musicians and composers. There was not a single song in it about which I could say that Sandeep, I do not want this song in the film. Sandeep has worked very hard on this.


Question- If you have to define Ranbir with any one adjective, then which adjective will you use?

Bhushan- Ranbir is very down to earth. I also knew his dad, everyone was very good. I knew him before he came into films. If we talk about Bobby, we have a family relationship with him. I have a very good relationship with Sunny sir and Dharam ji. They call me by my nickname, we have such a good and old relationship.

Ranbir- Sir, what is your nickname?

Bhushan- Nanu

Question- What is your favorite track from this album?

Ranbir- People say in every film that every song is a favorite so I will not say this. I like two songs on this album, the first is ‘Arjun Veli’ and the second is ‘Satranga’.

Bobby- ‘Arjun Veli’ is also my favorite song. The special thing about this album is that it has different languages but when you listen, you will feel the same. As it is said that music does not need any language, it is exactly like that.


Bhushan- I like the entire album very much because all the artists present here are my favorite. He has worked with me on many other songs. Everyone has done a very good job so I can't take the name of anyone.

Ranbir Kapoor asked the audience whether all those present here were premium members, to which the audience enthusiastically said yes. After this Ranbir says that nowadays Spotify asks for premium every month. Ranbir further says that he is a part of his wife Alia Bhatt's Spotify Family Membership Plan, so he does not have to do this every month.

Bobby- I have an annual plan for Spotify.

Ranbir- Can I be a part of your family plan?

Bobby- Absolutely. This is the best thing. We live in a joint family.

Question- Bhushan sir, do you have membership of the annual family plan?

Bhushan- No, I like watching that mini ad.

With the presence of all the musicians of the album, the album of the film was released.


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