Aniruddh Dave opens up on his new show Siikho

Aniruddh Dave: If you are a class 12 student and are confused as to what to do; actor Aniruddh Dave’s show Siikho will help you! The actor is hosting

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Aniruddh Dave
Aniruddh Dave: If you are a class 12 student and are confused as to what to do; actor Aniruddh Dave’s show Siikho will help you! The actor is hosting the show, along with actress Paridhi Sharma, and says that show will surely be one that students will follow closely.

“Siikho is the biggest edutainment, infotainment show because today the biggest challenge for the kids after 12th is to choose a career. It’s a dilemma for the kids. So, we have come up with a show ‘Siikho, Bhavishya Naye Bharat Ka’ which is conceptualised and produced by Vishal Salecha. When Vishal told me about this I was very happy to hear this. And this includes study and knowledge about 52 different careers/ professions where the experts from each field would come, may it be IIT/IIM, doctors, pilots, chef, UPSC, Law, Army, Navy and many more. I really enjoyed hosting, chatting with all of them,” he says.

He adds, “India’s education system is very good and growing. We have many more chances and challenges ahead. With so many opportunities, how to move ahead with jobs, careers, education, everything is confusing. This show is all about solving that. And this will be a very big show which is helpful not only to the youngsters but also growing adults, parents too in an informative and entertaining way.”

Talking about working with Paridhi, he says, “As a co-anchor the way Paridhi handles everything is amazing, her aura, her charm is always up to the mark. And for such shows Paridhi is the best find who has immense interest and knowledge. I feel that she is a good choice of producers.”

The actor is enjoying hosting the show. “Hosting and acting are not on the same lines. Both are different mediums. Hosting is moreover like a normal and realistic way of having conversations with the audience. I am also going to the biggest podcast of India. This is another side of me which I am going to explore now. Meanwhile, I have done a few OTT shows, movie which will be coming soon. I wanted to have a digital platform also for me where my lovely audience would see me. And now we are also doing a chat show,” he says.
The actor adds that he feels lucky to be part of such a different show. “The way our nation is growing,  it  feels amazing and surreal. Shows where education is promoted, women empowerment is promoted, equality is taught. We have also shown these clips to big IPS, IAS officers and even they have told us that this is needed. Today, it is very important for people and students to know where, what, when and how do you crack an opportunity and how to get that opportunity. For example, to tell how journalism is not at all easy and it’s not only about coming out to the audience and giving information but also the backstory about having proper knowledge about it. It’s all about learning which is very important. We are enjoying shooting it right now. And it was a wonderful experience to interact with so many wonderful talents. We should be more keen on talking about these things more often. And this is what our show teaches ‘Siikho’. The name of the show stands for - S-Student, I-Institute, I-Interview, K-Knowledge, H-How to crack, O-Opportunity, he ends."
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