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Aniruddh dave says he is excited to be part of lockdown ki love storyi


Jyothi Venkatesh

Aniruddh Dave, who recently wrapped up the film Bell Bottom with Akshay Kumar in England, is back in Mumbai and will be now seen in a popular daily show Lockdown Ki Love Story. Speaking about the new development of this journey Aniruddh says,”In my career I have always tried to do different things.

My latest role should always be different from my last work. Different in each way – the look, variations and my approach towards the role. As an actor I want to use different techniques in each role. I wanted to work with Rashmi Sharma Telefilms for so long and finally that is happening so I am happy.”

Aniruddh Dave

Aniruddh will be seen portraying a role called Raghav Jaiswal – details for which will be revealed soon. He also adds,”The character has a certain kind of heroism which I have liked. A grey shade which the audience will get to see me in. I am sure the audience and fans will love me in this avatar, it will be a treat to watch Raghav Jaiswal. I want this character to be loved by all.”

Aniruddh and his wife Shubhi are going to their parents soon and he is a bit nervous on that front as he says,” I am not nervous role-wise because with time and experience you know how confident you are in front of the camera. I am excited to be part of Lockdown Ki Love Story and tense too because we are pregnant now. And working in the pandemic situation is not easy, I have to be extremely careful for me and Shubhi both.

Akshay Kumar sir has already taught us to be careful on set and how we can work well in this pandemic situation. I did that first in June when unlock happened and then we went abroad to shoot Bell Bottom. Fingers crossed and we all have to come out from our homes and start working.”

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