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Anita Hassanandani is a darling and has made many fans with her brilliant acting skills. The actor will now star in Naagin 3 along with Karishma Tanna and Surbhi Jyoti too might join them as the third female lead, according to some reports.

Anita along with Ekta Kapoor revealed the first look of her character and left the audience intrigued.

While interacting with Pinkvilla, Anita talked about the overwhelming reaction she is receiving from the fans and said; “It’s very exciting and nice. I’m very thrilled. At the same time, I’m a little jittery and nervous also. With so much happening, you don’t want to make a single mistake, you want it to go better from there on.”

She also shared about how nervous she was regarding the fans reaction and said; “Absolutely, for the look mainly as even in Ye Hai Mohabbatein, my look has been always been spoken about. So, I had to look completely different from what I do, in Naagin. Ekta and I came to the understanding that let’s do tan makeup which will make me look more sensual and different from whatever I have done.”

Anita shared how she had a say in how her character will look and said; “I’m always interfering. I always have my little bit to give in because I want the best for the show and for myself. I truly believe that the way you know yourself and what will look really good on you, nobody else can understand it. I always say, ‘Fine! Whatever you’ll want you’ll do but give me a chance in trying to what I feel will look the best.'”

The poster might give the villainous feels, but Anita has a different take on it and said; “I don’t think there’s really negative… it’s a revenge angle and it is properly justified. I feel even over here, my character as Vish is completely justified. I’m sure it will be layered and I’ve been shooting for it, it’s pretty difficult. It is not a very easy part to play because this character is extremely layered.”

While concluding, she gave a message to her fans and said;  “Script-wise, it’s too amazing and too thrilling. The part I’m playing, it is something I have never done before. I’m sure they are going to love and be excited about the look. It’s a great team effort. We all are working hard and I just want my fans to watch and enjoy it and I’d love for their feedback because they have always stood by me. I’m very interactive and active on social media. So I will try my best to make them happy and give them the best of what I can. I just hope they watch it and enjoy the show.”

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