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Ankit Bathla Has A Working Birthday

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Ankit Bathla, who turns a year older today, is working on his birthday. The Paramavatar Shri Krishna actor says that he loves working on his birthday as he feels blessed to be doing so well in life. “This birthday also I’m doing my favorite thing that is shooting. I am spending my birthday on the set. And that’s amazing because I love to work in front of the camera and I am doing exactly that on my birthday which is almost like the start of a new year. So, I’m really blessed to do that,” he says.
He adds, “Every year as a ritual, I wear new clothes on my birthday, a tradition started by my mother. So that’s like an interesting ritual because you get up in the morning, you get ready and of course, go to the temple. And there is, you know, there’s this big plate which has things for all the navgrah, which we kind of donate and that’s what is the most beautiful part about the birthday also.”
The actor looks at every birthday as a day to transform his life. “Every birthday comes with a lot of things that we think that we would like to change and things we would like to achieve and do. And I’ve been really blessed that I’ve been able to do that. God has blessed me with a great year and a lot of personal development as well. So this birthday as well, I’m sure there are lots of things which will do. Today, I will write down the things I need to change in my secret diary. I think that’s how every birthday should be,” he says.
Every birthday has been special, says Ankit. “So, as a kid, I used to love throwing parties and calling everyone home and stuff like that. And I remember my mother always used to tease me, she even teases me now, about how I would tell her 10 people are coming but end up calling 30! And she would have to cook for all of them. I would love receiving gifts and unwrapping them. In fact, I still do!” he says.
Well, ask him what he has gifted himself, and he says, “Well, that is always a vacation. And that’s something which I treasure the most as my fans know that I love traveling. So, my next trip is to Egypt. And that’s a country which I’m looking forward to going for a very long time. I think it’s a country with a lot of hidden things, a lot of mysteries and stuff like that. And that’s what’s intriguing me to go to Egypt.”

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