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Ankit Bathla Wants To Host A Show Soon!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

While he has been seen on-screen on different shows, actor Ankit Bathla is yet to show us his skill as an anchor. The actor says that he hopes he gets work in this area as well. “I don’t know what is the reasons of not getting anchoring work on television but I am really looking forward to getting some because I think it is a great opportunity as an anchor to interact with so many actors. It lets you to connect better with the audience because they get to see the real you,” he says.

The actor says that he has always been interested in anchoring. “I think I have a flair for anchoring since I was a kid. As a kid, my parents and teachers were very kind to help me. I would go up and read the news on the stage in school. That is the first recollection I have of myself as the anchor or of actually talking the mike,” he says.

Ask him who he looks up to as an anchor, and he says, “My favorite anchor is undoubtedly Manish Paul. Manish is just so quirky, so funny and a great human being.”

There is a major misconception that TV actors won’t be accepted as host, says Ankit. “I think it will be even easier because you are already known, so the audience can connect to him better. There is already a ready fan base which you have. It’s interesting to see a television actor as an anchor because the audience gets to see the real him rather than him as a character,” he says.

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