“Ankita Lokhande is both positive and negative...” Orry said this as soon as he came from Bigg Boss's house

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“Ankita Lokhande is both positive and negative...” Orry said this as soon as he came from Bigg Boss's house

The mystery boy, who was seen with celebrities after staying inside the house for only two days in Bigg Boss Season 17, is in the news. Orry came to Bigg Boss House as a celebrity guest prank star. Let us tell you what Orry told us about the people of the house...

Orry removed from Bigg Boss 17

And since your name appeared in Koffee with Karan, you have become very famous, so was this the reason for you going to Bigg Boss and what was the motto of going to Bigg Boss house?

No, this was not the reason for me going to Bigg Boss's house. It is a great honor for me to have my name featured in Koffee with Karan. I understood the value of TRP that day. I knew that Bigg Boss is a reality show which is hosted by Salman Khan, but I did not know what happens in it. Maybe people will think that I am an owl who does not know what Big Boss is. One day someone asked me if you are so famous, would you like to go to Bigg Boss house? I said yes, I wanted to go to Salman Khan's house, now if someone calls me Galaxy, 100% I will go. This is how I thought of entering Bigg Boss, then I came to know that Bigg Boss and Salman Khan have different houses. At that time, I was feeling very bored in life, hence I was very excited to go to Bigg Boss house.

Tehelka Prank fame Sunny Aryaa

People at House said that you were getting irritated when Tehelka was teaching you to dance steps and you went out, is this true?

Everyone at the Bigg-Boss House thought that I was irritated because of Tehelka's dance and maybe my face also looked like this, but this is not true because I am also a creative person and when I see creativity and confidence, I reward it. I don't speak that much Hindi nor do I understand that much, so perhaps I was not able to understand the lyrics of his songs, but I was enjoying seeing him as much as he was enjoying. I don't speak Punjabi but I like Punjabi songs very much because its vibe is very good and its beats are good. When initially I went inside the house, said hello to everyone and he started singing, I did not understand what to do because I did not know that someone would sing in such proximity to my entry. He also did a private performance for me, explaining to me how he performs. I enjoyed it a lot. I also told Anurag that Tehelka had felt very bad when he had shouted at Tehelka. I said, don't read my reaction, ask me directly whatever is in your mind.

Who is your favorite contestant in the Bigg Boss house and which contestant do you think will win this year?

After entering the house, Ankita Ji was the first person who hugged me and even when I was coming out of the house, Ankita Ji was the last person who hugged me. She made tea for me, she makes tea only for Vicky. I did not know that ration and milk mattered so much inside the house. She made tea for me using his share of milk. The advice she gave me, and also the non-biased opinion she gave about all the other contestants. I had a good bond with everyone but there was a different connection with her, she told me that, “My life has become easy here because you are here” I also told her that my day has become easy because you are here. When I entered the house, I was very scared because I did not know what was going to happen inside, I had never seen Bigg Boss before. I had just seen that shouting video of Pooja, and before leaving I had Googled about Bigg Boss.

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Everyone has the potential to win but Vicky is the mastermind. But Munawwar is also a mastermind and he can also win. Isha is a manipulator, she can also win. I believe that Chintu (Samarth) will win. Because people are going to win only on the votes of the audience and he entertains a lot, he keeps dancing, singing, and laughing. I think this show and this industry are about only three things and that is entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.

You were in the house for only two days, what was the reason for you quitting so soon and why did it happen because this had never happened before? The second question is that the reaction of many people inside the house is that they have to leave the house, so what is the reason behind this, what is going on inside the house, would you like to say something about it?

I never said in the show that I wanted to leave the house. I was not a wild card entry in the show, you would never have heard from Bigg Boss that I had gone there as a wild card entry. I went into the house like a celebrity guest prank card. I planned to stay there for two nights and a day and add some spice to the weekend.

Ankita Lokhande (3)

Did you get positive or negative vibes from anyone inside the house?

Everyone had positive and negative vibes, some had more, and some had less.

Ankita was also both positive and negative. If I like someone, it does not mean that he is positive, I like my negative friends also very much. Every person is a little positive and negative. There was more positive in Isha and less negative, she is a very fun-loving girl. Khanzadi was very negative, I felt as if there was a cloud of negative vibes over her head. But that doesn't mean she's any less, I had a lot of fun with her.


You said that you would like to see Samarth win Bigg Boss, so do you have any soft feelings for Samarth?

I had said that it has potential, it is entertaining, and the audience will like it. I have no soft feelings for Samarth in my heart. I loved it when he got my name tattooed in Orry's fan segment and I signed his chest with lipstick, but that doesn't mean I have a soft spot for him. If I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone, it would be for Ankita, because we are friends.


Do you have any soft spot in your heart for Abhishek?

There is a soft spot for Abhishek because his heart is broken. How can you not have a soft spot in your heart for someone whose heart is broken? Just imagine, he is in a show where his ex-girlfriend is also there, he has started a good relationship with her, his bonding with her is good, and he loves her very much, but then suddenly the ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend entered whom he was not aware of. If any person goes through this thing then you automatically develop a soft spot for him.

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When you came on the show, you had a unique phone cover, water bottle, and T-shirt, how was your experience with Salman Khan?

Had a lot of fun. I don't think Salman Khan would have seen such a creative cover before. It was a privilege for me to get a chance to show my unique accessories and the creativity inside my suitcase Salman Khan.

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