Ankita Lokhande,”For marriage it’s my first innings only. It’s a beautiful, blissful married life.”

ankita lokhande

Ankita Lokahnde’s film, “The Last Coffee” is attracting the audiences to another level. She feels after doing this film she has picked up not only a leaf or two about how relationships need to be carried forward but has learned a lot about relationships. Being a diehard romantic at heart in real life she feels only if she gives love to people and her partner she will get that same love back. Ankita was devastated after late Shushanth Singh Rajput had called it off as per reports. But meeting Vikas[Vicky] Jain and being married to him , she is on the seventh heaven as she gets full support from not only Vicky but also from her mom and pa in laws. She is enjoying both a blissful married life and professionally bouncing back with good work.

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Ankita exclusively answered our questions


How do you define love in real life?

I don’t know the exact definition of love. My way of love has these traits- I am Ziddi,I am also addiyal,[stubborn] I believe in masti and dosti…indeed this love of mine comes with everything. Love is not just with one person but with different people. You have to give love in order to get back love.

You are a loveable daughter. How do your parents look at your journey now? How is your relationship with your mom in law?

Parents stand by your thick and thin times and the rest disappear. I am whatever I am today because of my parents. My mom has been a very strong support for me in this lifetime. She stood behind me always like a pillar for everything. My mother is there for me even today. Papa ko mummy ki sunni padti hai [My dad has to listen to my mother] so he has to be there also. My parents are my life. I am blessed and fortunate to have my mother and father in law who also love and support me so much. They are so loveable. I am the favourite of all of them. Whenever I go to Vicky’s house they all shower so much love. They love me the way I am. I feel it’s a blessing because whatever I am today it’s only because of the blessings of my parents and elders. Experiencing a blissful married life and the support from my husband and my mom –pa in law I am able to carry my professional journey ahead successfully.

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Does your innocent/childlike face attract your mother in law…what kind of equation do you share with your mom in law?

I didn’t have to put on .I know when I went to meet them, papa-mummy [in laws] found me absolutely like a kid. They love me so much. Vicky just asked me to carry something in a tray. While I was carrying the tray, my father in law was worried if I would be able to do it. I told them I would like to be your daughter, not your daughter in law. I can’t pretend to be like bahus. As a daughter I can go to them and tell them whatever I have in my heart. I can’t be pretentious and I am far from being pretentious.

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How do you look at your blissful married life?

For marriage it’s my first innings only. It’s a beautiful, blissful married life . And the most important thing that has happened to me. The support I get from him feels fortunate. I also support him. He has been a strong support for everything. Vicky motivates me to do good work, he always wishes me to do good work professionally. He feels proud of me.

Every girl wants this support from husband and in-laws but what is Ankita giving them back?

I belong to a family where I have seen my mom and all my elders doing so much for the family. My grand mom and my aunts have taken care of their entire family. I hail from such a family so obviously, I also want to do everything for my family. It’s important to balance. I am here just as Ankita, my husband’s wife. I am his wife/ girlfriend.

What does Ankita cook to reach the heart of Vicky?

I don’t cook anything. I don’t know how to cook. Yes, I defy the phrase that the way to a husband’s heart is through his stomach. I really don’t know how to cook. But yes once I cooked gajar ka halwa and he relished it a lot.