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Jyothi Venkatesh

Anushuman Jha has hit the jack pot. Sushant Singh Rajput’s loss is now the gain of Anshuman Jha. What a Loser’ is a Penguin Best selling title by Pankaj Dubey about a Bihari Boy’s (from Begusarai) struggle with love in Politics in Delhi University (DU) and his IAS dreams, is the latest book to be converted into a film. Sushant Singh Rajput was rumored to be headlining the project but now it is learnt that he is no more doing this college campus film. Anshuman Jha will now be playing the protagonist ‘Paks’.”I am excited to take the story from my book to the screen. Anshuman has been in my mind from the outset but he has been busy prepping and shooting for Harish Vyas’s next film where he plays a homosexual man and only got done recently. In addition to being a phenomenal acting talent, he is a Bihari and has lived in Delhi though his childhood so he understands the world of my character ‘PAKS’, Pandey Anil Kumar Sinha, naturally. He will also make the character real and relatable” says the Novelist turned Director Pankaj Dubey.

Anshuman has been going through a hard time personally and is very involved with his mother’s treatment as she is suffering from Cancer. Yes, he had requested for a time earlier. But now he has confirmed that he will start prep on this film by the year-end. And the film will roll in Feb 2020 in New Delhi.” says the director.Actor Anshuman Jha added, “Every home in Bihar has IAS dreams, even if they are borrowed dreams. Even my mom wanted me to apply for Civil services. The book is a bestseller for a reason. And I am grateful that I am getting to be a part of it & play a Bihari character’The leading lady in the book, who was the most attractive character in Dubey’s book, is in the process of being locked and it is rumored that a big name is being roped in for it.

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