Anupama Solanki had a gala time watching Gadar 2 with her Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani team

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Anupama Solanki, along with the entire cast and crew of her show Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani, went to watch the screening of Gadar 2. The film stars Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel in lead roles. The actor talks about her experience.

“Every Indian is emotionally attached to the Gadar movie including me. And this time it was a great experience because watching with 100 members of the cast and crew was something new. Honestly speaking I don’t have words to describe my feeling and I am thankful to Shoonya Square Production for thinking so much about the team. Watching with 100 people was an amazing experience. Such activities foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among the team,” she says adding she did end up shouting during some good scenes.Anupama Solanki had watching Gadar 2
The best part of Gadar 2, according to her, is patriotism. “People were connected to Gadar 1 and both parts are very good but the first part is always better. Gadar 2 is a hit because it connected with us and we Indians are emotional enough to fall in love with such stories,” she adds.

In light of the film's subject matter, she shares personal thoughts. “I never thought anything about Pakistan. I don’t know why but I feel Jis gali jana nahi uske baare mein sochna kya. I am lucky that I was born in India and proud to be Indian. In India everyone is equal,” she says.Anupama Solanki had watching Gadar 2
Movies like Gadar 2 do have an impact on the audiences’ perception of historical events and patriotism in general. “As an artist when you connect with such movies, you have to be real and very pure. You cannot fool people. As we all know Dharmendra Sir, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol… all are good people. There are lots of movies that came in the last two years but the success ratio is 10%. Gadar 2 reminds us of our grandfather and previous generation's sacrifice and hard work, the struggle they faced... Today we are free because of them and movies like Gadar remind us who we are,” she adds.

Gadar 1 was known for its powerful performances and memorable dialogues. Ask if there are any references or callbacks to the first film in Gadar 2 that caught her attention and she replies, “People are not like Gadar 2 because of their performance or acting, they like it because it touches our emotions and takes us back to our childhood. I hope this movie crosses 1500 crores so that people like Sunny Deol can make more such emotional dramas.”

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