'Anupamaa' year-ender special:How  Celebs sum up their 2020

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Anupamaa 2020

2020 has been a tough year on all of us. But while the year brought a lot of negativity in our lives, there were a lot of positives that happened too. So here is the cast of "Anupamaa" summing up their 2020 to JYOTHI VENKATESH

publive-imageSudhanshu Pandey: 2020 has been very a challenging year, or rather the most challenging time of our lives. It began well and then the pandemic set in, it started spreading so fast that before we could arrange for any sort of back up, it was already all over the place and we were in a lockdown. God has been very kind, by Mahakal's blessings everyone in my family is safe, we have survived through this situation, and from July onwards I started working as well. So, it has been pretty ok for me because I know people have been through the worst. I don't have any new year plans this year, keeping the pandemic and the safety of everyone in mind. I think a celebration is where your family is, so I am going to celebrate it with my family.

Anupamaa Alpana Buch: 2020 was a mix for me. I started shooting for my Gujarati film in January 2020, I did some theatre shows, and in February, I signed 'Anupamaa'. Then suddenly we got the biggest lesson of our life - the lockdown. When the shootings resumed in July, I was very happy and I have been extremely busy since then. I am associated with a very big show 'Anupamaa', and my character is being praised a lot. I have received so much love for my character Leela. I call 2020 the biggest teacher because nothing is above nature. It taught us that we need to maintain a balance in life. It taught us to have good food, keep our surroundings clean, and lead a disciplined life. It also taught us that there is no guarantee of tomorrow. As far as my new year plans are concerned, I don't have any this time.

Anupamaa Paras Kalnawat: 2020 was like a roller coaster. I have seen good, bad, life has taught me so many lessons that it has been a completely different journey. But I would say it was neither bad nor good. The lockdown was depressing, but with 'Anupamaa' things changed for me. I met a new family and I got my mummy (Rupali Ganguly), whom I love the same as my real mom. I have been getting so much love and appreciation for my role Samar that it made the later part of the year a good one. I have learned so much in 2020, that it's difficult to explain, but I can say the most important learning would be that nothing is permanent in this world. I used to live my life thinking that nothing will happen, but then the pandemic made me think. I have never given time to myself because I was always working, but 2020 taught me that I need to give time to my family, to myself, and also to enjoy those precious moments. There are no special plans for the new year. I am going to spend the day with my family. Even if I meet my friends I will meet them at home and avoid going to crowded places.

Anupamaa Aashish Mehrotra: I think in 2020 we spent 6-7 months in the lockdown. I used this time to work on myself, from getting up early in the morning, to doing basic stretches and doing a revision of all the acting workshops I have attended on a video call with a very close friend Subha, I did all that. I also did voice exercises with again another close friend Amber. I watched loads of series and films, made notes, and worked on developing characters. I had to learn to cook to survive, but then I became a good cook. I also learned baking, and now I bake cakes for my friends' birthdays and also co-actors. I also started painting and I feel I have done a decent job in that area. In fact, I have also sold a few to pay bills. Also, there is one painting of Shiva, which I will be sharing soon, and it will be my gift to Sudhanshu sir. My new year will mostly be in Goa, to rejuvenate and refresh myself. It will be a new journey as it's going to be the beginning of my solo trips.


Muskan Bamne: My 2020 was good overall. I started my year working with Sachin Tendulkar sir, then my uncle got married, and I was signed for 'Anupamaa'. I got to work with such amazing people. Then the biggest twist of 2020 came, COVID - 19. Everything was shut down for so long. However, my lockdown was super fun as I used to do workouts every day with my family, then help my grandfather and sister in the kitchen. I have learned to make so many things from them, and I must say housework is not easy, it is never-ending, but it’s fun doing it. I learned a lot from 2020. I learned that life is only as good as our mindset and that nothing is permanent. It also taught us that each life on earth is important, so spread love and positivity. My new year celebration plan is to be with my family and have fun.

    Anupamaa  Anagha Bhosale: My 2020 was lovely because I had signed my first TV show, which on-air at the beginning of the year, but towards March, during the lockdown it went off-air. Then I got 'Anupamaa'. It's God's blessing and it's been good since then. Overall, it was a lovely year for me. The learning from 2020 is that I feel that we humans are just guests on this planet earth and this pandemic and the lockdown made us a better human being. It taught me to be strong. There are no new year celebration plans as such, maybe a house party and spending time with family and friends.

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