Anusha Mishra - I auditioned for Indian Idol and cleared all 3 rounds

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Question: How do you get responses on social media?

Answer - 95% of people like me and give love to my photos but there are one or two people who say fat and all this.


Question - How did you choose this industry or did someone tell you about your first audition?

Answer - I didn't think that I would enter acting so soon, and my plan was marketing, I was a writer for Soni sir and I got my first acting opportunity from Soni sir only, I thought I would try acting, I used to give auditions as a child, but after that Alia happened again, so I did Tera Kya Hoga Alia.


Question - If you are so strong for your body, would you like to tell people how they are?

Answer - It depends on the people because it is not necessary that everyone gets such opportunities where your body type is celebrated and I got that opportunity that is why I am able to say all this but still I want to say this. I would like you to be perfect as you are.

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Question - Alia and you, how similar or different were you both?

Answer - We were very similar and also very different, she is a noisy person, I am also like that but she is a bit spiritual, loves family, and I am not.


Question - Have you ever received a call from a reality show and how many times?

Answer - Not even one has come, I had auditioned for Indian Idol and I had cleared 3 rounds but could not go beyond that but yes I want to do Fear Factor or Khatron Ke Khiladi because I think I can do stunts.


Question: How did the project of Dream Girl come to you?

Answer - I had given the audition, I got a call, and then I gave the audition, The audition went very well, so I had assumed that it would not happen, but they got a call and asked me Do you want to do it and are you free? So I said yes, then he said that there is dialogue work, then I refused but he said look at the cast and then said I am coming. So the first meeting was with the entire star cast and the last scene was done first. So on the first day, I was made Sakina and he said your scene is with everyone.


Question: Who was the best on the set?

Answer: Everyone was good. There is no one who is not good.

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