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Anushka teaches a man for littering on Mumbai streets a lesson

Who Knew that the act of Goodness too would Pave the way for Trolls


Recently Anushka Sharma pulled up a person in a luxury car for throwing garbage on the road. Virat Kohli supporting his wives Actions posted a short video. The Video instantly went viral. While some came in support of the Star Couple others thought it was not the appropriate decision to humiliate someone on social media.

Let’s have a look what Virat had to say;

This post by the cricketer paved way for lot of havoc on twitter. Lets see what netizens had to say on Anushka’s act.

Having seen these posts Virat came to Anushka’s rescue, take a look how the actor reciprocated to the trolls being targeted at Anushka Sharma.

Well we all know that twitter wars are endless sometimes vague sometimes pretty constructive, people involved may become victims , heroes or villains. This case somehow is pretty ambiguous. Lets see if the guy who is being perceived as a victim of public humiliation had to say in response to the video.

We wish the two stars keep supporting each other the same way , talking about the twitter wars lets leave that on Twitteratis to discern.

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