Aparna Dixit: I admire social media influencers who create their own content, built their teams and continuously generate fresh ideas

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With the social media boom, the era of influencers has come into existence. And, successful influencers are minting money that is at par or sometimes even more than the highest-paid actors. Actor Aparna Dixit, who will be seen in Atrangii's upcoming thriller Drishti, shares her opinion on this trend.

“With the evolving generation and the dynamic landscape of social media and various platforms, we must acknowledge that the world has transformed significantly. Things are not as they used to be. In the past, brands sought to collaborate with prominent Bollywood celebrities due to their extensive reach and strong connection with the audience. However, today's scenario is different given the rise of social media influencers who hold a firm grip on their followers. Now, the key to success lies in associating products with these influencers, which leads to increased profits and sales, creating an interconnected relationship. Even among actors, many are transitioning into the role of influencers. It has become challenging to differentiate between various influencers, as they have all impacted their audiences in significant ways. Some television actors, in particular, possess a substantial influence over their followers. Therefore, from a business perspective, it makes perfect sense for brands to collaborate with them,” she says.


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Some actors are often heard saying that they are here to be an actor in the entertainment industry and not influencers. However, Aparna looks at this trend positively.  “I do come across people who claim that I am solely an actor and not an influencer. While it's true that we all use social media platforms, like Instagram, to showcase our personal lives and establish a personal connection with our audience, we're not necessarily displaying our acting skills there. In fact, I often find myself admiring social media influencers who create their own content. They have built their teams and continuously generate fresh ideas independently. In contrast, as an actor, one is constantly in search of new roles and striving to fit into someone else’s vision. These two pursuits are not comparable, as acting constitutes an entirely different profession,” she adds.

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