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Aparshakti Khurana Debuts As Singer-Composer-Lyricist In T-Series Produced Single Kudiye Ni


Aparshakti Khurana, who you have so far known as an actor debuts as a singer-composer and lyricist with his maiden single Kudiye Ni, which released today. Interestingly, in a first once again, the video of  Kudiye Ni has been directed by his sister-in-law Tahira Kashyap Khurrana and is produced by Bhushan Kumar of T-Series.

You will be surprised to know that Kudiye Ni was composed and written in exactly five minutes when Aparshakti was shooting for Dangal in Delhi four years ago. The directorial debut of Tahira is a simple song where the boy and girl meet at a common friend’s wedding in Chandigarh and indulge in light banter. “You could even call it a musical love conversation between the two,” quips,  Aparshakti. Besides Aparshakti the song features actor Sargun Mehta in the video.

Further talking about his debut single, Aparshakti says, “I took time to bring this song to the listeners/viewers. I was looking for the right window, the right person to direct it and the right platform and the label to release the song, the right co-actor to feature in it and the right person to render female vocals for it. Who better than versatile singer and family friend Neeti Mohan? That’s why it took four years. I believe everything happens at the right time. I did not want to come out with this single in a hurry for the heck of it.”

Director Tahira points out, “Aparshakti came to me with the song and said we have to shoot this video in the next 10 days and I was like okay, let’s do it. Suddenly, we were told the shoot has been preponed by 4-5 days. Here, I was thinking this is my debut effort and am going to do a full on prep but next thing we know we were rolling. It was complete madness but all of us had fun putting together the video.”

Strangely, although Sargun was finalised to feature in the video months ago, the actors had to wait for three months to shoot it because they just couldn’t lock a date when both of them were free on the same day. Laughing at the memory, Sargun says, “Now also if someone asks for my dates, I can only give them dates in September not before that but yes I enjoyed working in Kudiye Ni because of the raw vibe and experimental streak that Tahira brought with her. It is a very hummable song and people who often caught me humming it would ask me what is that song?”

Producer Bhushan Kumar adds: Aparshakti’s talent has been revelatory. He is multi-talented just like his brother Ayushmann Khurrana. In Kudiye Ni, he impresses with the simplicity in which he has penned the small town nok-jhok between a boy and a girl. In a traditional set-up, he infuses a contemporary sensibility through the lyrics and the singing. Neeti Mohan matches the tempo in this peppy number through her playful singing.”

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