Apex Prime: The Family-Friendly Entertainment Platform" where 'HASTINAPUR' is Unleashed and talked about "

By Sulena Majumdar Arora
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Apex Prime: The Family-Friendly Entertainment Platform" where 'HASTINAPUR' is Unleashed and talked about "

Gradually Apex Prime is changing the way we enjoy our digital content. They've got everything in their platform, from entertaining web series to short films and reality shows, and what's really awesome is that they keep it all family-friendly. No bold or objectionable stuff shown here making it perfect for a cozy family night.
What sets Apex Prime apart from other platforms is their real dedication to providing a safe and entertaining viewing experience for everyone and every age. They've kicked explicit content to the curb, focusing on wholesome projects that cater to a wide range of audiences.

Despite the challenges thrown their way during the dreadful lockdown, Apex Prime has managed to launch successfully. Their web series "CYBER SINGHAM" was a hit, and now their current presentation,   "HASTINAPUR: Ek Daastaan." promising power struggles and complicated friendships – sounds like a rollercoaster ride.
The Apex Prime team is doing a great job, working really hard to bring new, innovative and exciting stuff to the platform.

They've got a bunch of projects in the pipeline, spanning crime, suspense, drama, and comedy. Gear yourselves for a load of new web series, short films, and reality shows in the coming months.

"HASTINAPUR" is the talk of the town right now. It's produced by Varchaswaa Media and directed by Soumyajit Ganguly and the CEO Soumita Das herself. The series is all about power struggles and tricky friendships, where a group of friends gets caught up in a dangerous game of blackmail.

And hey, they've got a stellar cast – Shiva Rindhani, Paras Madaan, Shweta Khanduri, Rituraj K Singh, and Shiny Dixit are killing it in the lead roles. Shiva Rindani, with over four decades of experience, plays a formidable antagonist with ambitions of seizing power. It's setting the stage for a showdown of epic proportions.

Shiny Dixit is pumped about the project, talking about the enriching experience of working with amazing actors. Her character, Seema, goes from innocence to getting tangled up in a criminal web, finding love in the chaos.

Rituraj K Singh is all in for his unique character, Aditya Narayan, praising the series for keeping it real. Paras Madaan, as the chain-smoker Gattu, is showing off his versatility and thanking the whole team for the support.

Tejdeep Gill and Rohit KP add depth to the storyline, rounding out the cast that promises an enthralling experience. The whole "HASTINAPUR" team is inviting everyone to download Apex Prime and join them on this riveting journey. CEO Soumita Das spilled the beans that Apex Prime has more exciting series coming up soon, and guess what – it's a subscription-free app. How cool is that?

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