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Ar Music Studios Dedicated To Keep Soulful Music Alive For All Time

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Ali Peter John

Eight Years ago, a very young man from the beautiful valley of kashmir, Nisarul Bashir Lone   (Popularly also known as Jaan Nissar Lone) landed in Mumbai,armed with tremendous inborn talent to create magic in the world of music.his talent took very little time to find the recognition he deserved. It was only a matter of time before he was associated with music of an international standard.

He started off with a bang and with endless hope in his heart with a song sung by the legendary Asha Bhosle who was carried away by his sense of music and melody and blessed him to reach new highs in the field of music,not only in films,but also in a music albums and in what ever way music could offer him as a challenge & he would accept every challenge with the confidence and the command he had over every kind of music whether it be Indian classical or western classical.

His Music made a big difference to the music of the valley which he explored to the hilt and people who were unaware of the greatness and glory of the music they had never heard before  lifted his music to unparalleled heights and he was now known or he’s infinite knowledge about music which came to him in a flow which could only be described as a blessing of God then just a game of music.

He was from kashmir but he proved that music knew no boundaries or barriers when he independently scored the music for the critically acclaimed “Shudra The Rising” which was based on the burning subject of casteism and some of his songs not only became cult songs but also grew so popular that they were accepted as theme songs by an entire community of Indians who have been fighting a relentless fight against the system which has reduced them to the status of the absolutely down trodden ever after 70years of independence.

Success loved his music and even got him to win several accolades and awards.

His 1st big achievement was he composed the music for a Sufi song “Allah Teri Kya Shaan Hai” which was nominated in 7th Music Mirchi Awards in Sufi tradition.

The song was sung by Kamal Khan who had one the Filmfare award for the best “Ishq Sufiana” Song which grabbed the attention all music lovers and even some of the best critics were all praise for his composition skills, which only inspired him to work harder and bring out better music which would win more hearts and even become a major part of the history of music that was a blend of the traditional and the modern.

The young Jaan Nissar Lone’s ambition had started soaring and if there is one thing he was hoping to give his best to, it was to the original music of the valley. it was this ambition that made him make the impossible possible for a young man when he set up his own music company named “AR MUSIC STUDIOS”.

It was the beginning of many of his ambitions associated with music to come true and become a reality that would make many wonder how this man could establish a music company when almost every music company was facing a slump or where just fading away.

Today, when Jaan Nissar looks back on the few years that he has spend in mumbai and building a company of his own, he finds it difficult to believe that his company has become the touch stone for success for any kind of music. The name “AR Music Studios “ spells success unlimited with most of its products grabbing the attention of listeners around the world and having millions of viewers with in minutes, which says it all for his hard work and his enthusiasm and excitement to give more and more to music which he believes has made him what he’s today.

And if any of his cretics or rivals think that he will sit back on his achievements and laurels, they will soon know the limits Jaan Nissar Lone can cross and reach the high standards of music he had come to reach and conquer.

His life is now dedicated to only one goal which is his passion and that’s music that will never be old, but young for all time.

Some of the best songs which have emerged from “AR Music Studios” & are reverberating all across the valley at all times, good times and bad times are “Harmukh Bartal”, “Peer Myanio”, “Maenzi Raath”, “Khodaya”, “Katyu Chhukh Nundbaane”, “Dil Toot Gaya”, “Rubaru-The Unspoken Love”, & many more and many more yet to come.

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