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Ar Rahman Launches The Short Film Thaalam Directed By Bharatbala

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Noted filmmaker Bharatbala presents Virtual Bharat, a composition of immersive untold human stories crafted with breathtaking cinematic visuals, soaring music and sound, where every single film is a revelation, a magical exploration, of the spectacular diversity and richness of Indian culture. Virtual Bharat brings together culture, content and technology – it is culture, on cloud. The very first film, Thaalam, set at the Chundan Vallam races in Alleppey is presented by AR Rahman.Better known as the Kerala boat races, Thaalam is about rhythm. Over 100 everyday men, from all walks of life, come together to row the 80-year-old boats. The oarsmen are not professional athletes, but school teachers, carpenters, farmers, postmen, mechanics, who row in complete unison.AR Rahman who collaborated with Bharatbala on his iconic Vande Mataram launched the first film.

He says, “At the boat races of Kerala, not one man is a professional athlete, in-fact, they are like you and me, fishermen, farmers, postmen, shopkeepers, schoolteachers. To row as one, they need more than just speed and talent. They need to find the Thaalam. What is Thaalam? A foundation of music, a message for all, a heartbeat, a rhythm. Imagine India on a boat. The boat is only as strong as the people in it. The power to win is not in any one person. The power is when all of us come together. As one. One effort. One goal. To move forward as a nation, is to dream together, to aspire together, to build together. Let us find our Thaalam, as a nation together.”He adds, “Virtual Bharat is an incredible 1000 film journey. Thaalam is a powerful film and has a wonderful message for our nation. Let’s watch Thaalam and make sure we find it in our lives.”Actor Dulquer Salmaan says, in a message to his country from Kerala, “I would like to start a big shout out to India from the people of Kerala. Thaalam is rhythm. The rhythm of a nation. Let’s find our Thaalam as a nation together! I am proud to be a part of Thaalam, the first film of a 1000 film journey of India by Virtual Bharat, presented by Bharatbala.”

Talking about the initiative Bharatbala states, “Some tell me Indians don’t find India cool anymore, some tell me that the India we loved is no more, some tell me we don’t feel for India anymore, I don’t have the answers to all that…I found plenty to be proud about. I found simple human stories that want to be told…that deserve to be told. I hope we will make them our own, one story at a time, starting 28th August”At a time when digital and mobile access allows contemporary Indians a plethora of content at their fingertips, Virtual Bharat is envisioned as a gen next idea – a virtual museum and repository of Indian culture, the likes of which the world has yet to see. The multilingual films are subtitled for all to access, while the under 10-minute length makes for easy viewing.Setting itself apart from the majority of digital content, Virtual Bharat gives contemporary Indians a glimpse into a land to celebrate, to be proud of, story-by-story, emotion-by-emotion, and experience-by-experience. It is time for India to #lookup.Thaalam releases on 28th August on YouTube and Instagram IGTV on the Virtual Bharat page.

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From September, the films will also be available at

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