Archana Gautam and Sumbul Touqeer wins the Award


Archana Gautam and Sumbul Touqeer got an Award. Archana Gautam entertained fans with her antics and comic timing in Bigg Boss 16 also she is a great politician as well. Sumbul Touqueer Khan, who performed best in Big Boss Season 16.

Archana Gautam was wearing a Magenta color coordinate set, she was looking stunning. Budhanjali awarded Great Indian Award to Archana Gautam, who was everyone’s nose in Bigg Boss Season 16, Archana Gautam has received this award as Best Entertainer. Sumbul Touqeer was also awarded the Great Indian Award as the Youth Icon and Best Contestant!  This program was organized by Budhanjali, former Lok Sabha MP Dr. Udit Raj, where many celebrities of the film industry were honored. Archana Gautam was very happy to receive this award and thanked the organizers. Apart from Sumbul, many Bollywood celebrities were honored at the event. Event organizer Kailash Masoom said that Sumbul was the youngest contestant in Bigg Boss 16, and the courage, patience and ability with which she won the hearts of millions and stood firm till the end is commendable!

Archana Gautam said “Winning the show and trophy meant a lot to me because of the community I belong to. I wanted to be an inspiration for the young girls from my community. Usually, girls from our community get married at an early age and they are not given an education. In fact, when a girl is born they consider it as a burden, so I wanted to change that mindset and set an example. I felt if I would have won the show many would have gotten inspired and they would have also given a chance to their girls. But I believe in destiny and whatever was in my destiny I got that which is the audience’s love. I won their hearts and it is a big deal for me. I want to motivate young girls to not give up their dreams and instead chase them.

Sumbul said that she is glad that she got evicted, and neither Shiv nor Stan, “My friends got nominated because of me, so if I would be saved, and any one of them would have to leave the show, I would have a guilt about it for a lifetime. Winning the game is important, but living without any guilt is equally important for me,” says the actress.