Arjan Bajwa opens up on his Baisakhi plans!

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Arjan Bajwa
Baisakhi is here! Actor Arjan Bajwa known for his films, Guru, Fashion, Arundhati, Bobby Jasoos, Rustom, Kabir Singh, and web series like State of Siege: 26/11, a Bestseller, says that he has continued to celebrate the festival the way he did while he was growing up. The actor says that the festival has always held a lot of significance for him.
“Normally, on Baisakhi day, mostly in Punjab, we celebrate the new year and the season of harvest. There are fairs and cultural programs everywhere but we grew up mostly going to Gurudwara and offering prayers on Baisakhi, living in Delhi, there were many cultural programs in schools. As kids, we went to the Gurudwara every Baisakhi, and now also, I don’t find anything different that one can do rather than doing all those things which we did in our childhood. This will help keep those memories strong and alive in our lives,” he says.
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In fact, he adds that Baisakhi is an important festival for everyone. “I don’t think modernity has faded traditional fervor of festivals, especially on Baisakhi. It is still celebrated with utmost pomp and show. Obviously, with the whole process of digitization, it has become more about how things have become more technical, rather than on the ground,” he says.
Ask him what is the simplest way for him to connect to the higher power or God on festivals, and he says, “The simplest way to connect to the higher power of God doesn’t have to be only on festivals, it is an everyday practice and I don’t really go to any place to worship. As far as prayers go, I think doing good deeds, following the righteous path, and keeping your conscience clean is my way of connecting to God.”
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